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Green Hassig Asks St. Lawrence County Legislature to Make 3 New Laws

Monday, March 3, 2014, 7:00 PM

Legislative Board Room, St. Lawrence County Courthouse, Canton, NY USA

The county legislatures of NY-21 and all other county legislative bodies in New York State have a great deal of power to bring change.  New York is a Home Rule state.  This means that local governments can adopt legislation that stands alone without the need for any supporting legislation on the state or federal level. In cases where there are related state and federal laws, if the local law is more stringent, it stands.

There are 3 new laws that I want St. Lawrence County government to set in place.  These laws will change things for the better.  Without these laws, life in St, Lawrence County and the rest of our country will continue to become worse.

(1) A prohibition against the sale and consumption of fracked gas in St. Lawrence County

Fracking is a technology that causes serious and irreparable harm to the Earth.  Fracking contaminates water, air and land.  Fracking will not continue if people can’t buy and burn fracked gas.  The county legislature can help with bringing an end to fracking by prohibiting the sale and consumption of fracked gas in St. Lawrence County.

(2) Establish public financing for all local election campaigns

Publicly financed election campaigns in which it is illegal to spend any money other than what is provided by law would go far to eliminating corporate money and influence in local government.  With publicly financed election campaigns the field of candidates would expand beyond those who have sufficient wealth to mount their own campaigns and the candidates of major parties, which now fund much of campaign spending.  Political parties should not be able to buy elections by outspending their competition.  Public financing of election campaigns will bring better candidates into public office.

(3) Require the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department to provide residents with information on all known and suspected human carcinogens

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) publish lists of carcinogens that are classified for human carcinogenicity.  Many chemicals are now classified as known or suspected human carcinogens.  Dioxins, PCBs, hexachlorobenzene, benzene, formaldehyde, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury are among the chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer in humans.  With knowledge of these chemicals comes the ability to avoid exposure and thereby minimize cancer risk.  The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department is not providing this information now because it depends upon the New York State Department of Health (DOH) for cancer information and the DOH is controlled by corporate influences that oppose informing the public on the subject of chemical exposure cancer causation.  This is wrong.  Lack of information is causing people in St. Lawrence County to get cancer and die.  We can change this by enacting a county law that requires public education on chemical carcinogens.

Motivating Government Action for Environmental Protection

Saturday, September 28, 2013, 11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Potsdam Public Library Meeting Room, Potsdam, NY USA

This meeting is for planning activities that will motivate government to act upon its responsibility to protect the environment.  Protecting the Earth must become a high priority for all levels of government.  Citizens in concert with good government can bring the changes that will make possible the restoration of the healthfulness of our environment.  Everyone who is interested in environmental activism is welcome.  For more information:

NY-21 Green Party Candidate Hassig Visits Potsdam College to Speak on
Free Education and Safe Chemical Use

Tuesday, September 17, 2013, 2:30 PM

Plaza South of Barrington Student Union

Potsdam, New York USA

As a Green Party congressional candidate, it is important to bring
forward new proposals that are of benefit to the electorate. Free
education through graduate school and safe chemical use are two such

American youth should have the opportunity to learn free from the
repressive burden of high education costs. Operating a motor vehicle
and obtaining housing impose a considerable demand upon a student’s
finances. Free college tuition can help make education more
affordable for all. It is reasonable and good that our society would
use its wealth to make intellectual growth a reality for large numbers
of young people. This is one of the best investments that we can

Safe chemical use will usher in a new era of environmental restoration
and improved health. The best way to begin using chemicals safely is
to recognize the harm that has been caused by unsafe chemical use. I
propose to create thousands of new jobs in the field of environmental
health education. There should be one environmental health educator
for every one hundred Americans. Educating on past unsafe chemical
use and strategies for transitioning to safe chemical use is of such
critical importance to our future that such a favorable educational
ratio is well warranted.

It is with new ideas that we will enter into a New Age of happiness
and well being. Government can take a leading role in making new
ideas reality. Government can foster change. Good government can
help make things better. Let’s get started.

Akwesasne/Massena Public Forum Leading to Actions on PCB Exposure
Saturday, August 31, 2013 from 2-4 PM
Massena  Community Center, Conference Room
Massena, NY USA

The purpose of our forum is to build community involvement in actions
that address both past and ongoing PCB exposures.  Several actions
that have great merit follow:  (1) removal of the PCB contaminated
wastes of the Toxic Mound, an illegal hazardous waste landfill on the
GM Powertrain Superfund Site, (2) educational outreach on the subject
of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization, and (3)
creating a team of tutors for children experiencing learning
difficulties residing in the Town of Massena and on the Akwesasne

We will have a panel discussion and take input from anyone who wishes
to speak.  David O. Carpenter, MD, Director of the State University of
New York University at Albany Institute for Health and the Environment
will provide scientific expertise.  Dr. Carpenter will be joining us
via telephone connection.

By integrating scientific knowledge with community activism, we can
move forward with accomplishing the actions listed above.  Once we
have created a critical mass of public involvement, we will begin to
see strong progress toward fulfillment of our dreams for environmental
protection in the St. Lawrence River Valley.

US Constitution Missing from Massena “Justice”

On July 12, 2013, I faced a Trespass charge in the Massena Village
Court.  My defense strategy was based upon the most powerful law in
America, the US Constitution.  The First Amendments of the
Constitution guarantee our freedoms, including freedom of speech.  My
free speech can not be labelled as Trespass and stopped.

I was exercising my freedom of speech at the Massena Memorial Hospital
on the October day last year when hospital administrator Mark
Brouillette and Massena Police Chief Tim Currier teamed up to deny me
that freedom.  In the courtroom, my opponents were Andrew Botts an
assistant district attorney in the St. Lawrence County District
Attorney’s Office and Hon. James Crandall, Massena Village Justice.
None of these men give any consideration whatsoever to the protection
of free speech.  It is as if the Constitution does not exist in their

Judge Crandall found me guilty of Trespass despite the fact that I
established beyond any reasonable doubt the lawfulness of my actions
in the Massena Memorial Hospital.  The US Constitution trumps all laws
and regulations in the United States.  Americans are free to say what
they want to say in government buildings so long as they do not
disrupt the work of the people employed in those buildings.  The
Massena Memorial Hospital is owned by the Town of Massena.  It is a
public building.  The Constitution guarantees me free speech there.  I
did not disrupt the work of Massena Memorial Hospital employees.
Nevertheless, Judge Crandall found me guilty of Trespass.

The Massena Police Department and the Massena Village Court serve the
purpose of maintaining the status quo in the Village of Massena.  When
a person in a position of authority, such as Mark Bouillette at
Massena Memorial Hospital wants to stop an environmental health
protection activist from educating Massena residents about the risk of
cancer, heart attack and diabetes that is imposed by PCB exposure and
the ongoing PCB exposures entailed in consumption of supermarket foods
containing animal fats, the police and the court are quick to join
forces with the authority figure.  None of them give a single thought
to the right of the activist to speak freely.

The hospital is the perfect place to educate Massena residents about
minimizing the harm to health caused by past and ongoing exposures to
PCBs.  I tried for many months to speak with Mark Brouillette and
Zachary Chapman, Director of the North Country Veterans’ Clinic about
educating on the subjects addressed herein.  They refused to discuss
this.  After they gave me no satisfaction in my efforts to move
forward with public educational outreach on PCBs, I decided to go to
the hospital and hand out pamphlets describing the PCB exposure health
hazard.  This is what I did.

The founding fathers created the US Constitution to insure that
Americans were free to do what needed to be done to keep the country
vital and free.  I use my free speech to warn fellow citizens of the
harm that has been caused and continues to be caused by careless use
of chemicals by people with positions of power in corporations.  This
information is of critical importance to the health and happiness of
Americans.  The people need to know that the corporations have
poisoned the air, land and water of America and that in so doing they
have poisoned the people of America, causing much sickness and death.
Only when large numbers of Americans know this Truth will it be
possible to hold the corporations and their government allies
accountable.  The corporations and government must be held accountable
if we are to have a strong, healthy, just country.

I was doing the right thing handing out pamphlets about PCB exposure
and damage to health at the Massena Memorial Hospital.  The people
need this information.  The governmental public health entities will
not give the public this information because they are controlled by
the corporations that used the PCBs.  I plan to appeal the guilty
decision to County Court.  I am going to keep right on speaking freely
about PCBs and the other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the
meats, fish, diary products and eggs purchased in the supermarkets.
Speaking freely about these things is an environmental revolution in
the making.  It is good that environmental revolution is taking shape
in the St. Lawrence River Valley of New York State.  Good people
taking action can save America.


Mayor Steve Yurgartis
Board of Trustees
Potsdam Municipal Building
Potsdam, New York USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Mayor Yurgartis and Members of the Board of Trustees,

Cancer Action NY has become active in an effort underway in Watertown
to bring an end to fluoridation of city water.  We are a member of
Watertown Anti-Fluoridation Action.  Please visit the Facebook page
for this group.  The page provides access to a great quantity of
information on the subject of damages to health caused by fluoride

The Jefferson County Public Health Department takes the position that
fluoridation has been proven to be safe.  Director Jean Bilow and
Steve Jennings of that department have provided Cancer Action NY with
the several  documents that they consider to constitute the foundation
for this position.  These documents are listed below.

“Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: The Impact
of Fluoride on Health”

“Review of Fluoride: Benefits & Risks”; Report of the Ad Hoc
Sub-Committee on Fluoride of the Committee to Coordinate Environmental
Health and Related Programs – U.S. Department of Health and Human

Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference Guidelines

National Academy of Sciences on Fluoride in Drinking Water

“National Research Council Report on Earth Materials and Health:
Research Priorities for Earth Sciences and Public Health”

I have read “Position of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: The
Impact of Fluoride on Health”.  This document contains no information
that constitutes a basis for concluding that fluoridation is safe.
The document includes the following sentence, “Fluoride research of
more than 65 years has shown that fluoride is safe and effective at
the levels used for water fluoridation (0.7 to 1.2 mg/L).”  However,
the document presents this claim without offering any support for the
claim.  The position paper named above fails to address the matter of
total fluoride exposure.  It fails to address the endocrine disruption
effects of fluoride.  It fails to address the increased risk of bone
cancer imposed by fluoride exposure.

In “Review of Fluoride: Benefits & Risks” a report of the Ad Hoc
Sub-Committee on Fluoride of the Committee to Coordinate Environmental
Health and Related Programs an entity of the U.S. Department of Health
and Human Services, three health risks are assessed:  cancer, dental
fluorosis and bone fractures.  This report states that existing animal
studies fail to establish an association between fluoride exposure and
cancer.  However, it states that two animal studies have demonstrated
increased cancer risk associated with fluoride exposure.  Clearly, the
matter of fluoride exposure and cancer risk has not been studied
sufficiently to conclude that fluoride exposure does not increase
cancer risk.  The report states that evidence exists for increased
risk of dental fluorosis and bone fractures in populations receiving
fluoride exposures in the range
utilized by fluoridation programs in the United States.  I find this
report to provide a basis for the conclusion that fluoride exposure
has not been proven to be safe.

The 2007 National Research Council report “Earth Materials and Health:
Research Priorities for Earth Sciences and Public Health” does not
provide any in depth review of the scientific literature of fluoride
exposure and damage to health.  It is not a suitable document for use
as a foundation for the claim that fluoridation is safe.

The webpage titled, National Academy of Sciences on Fluoride in
Drinking Water presents information on several reviews of the
scientific literature that have been conducted over the course of many
years by the National Academies of Sciences (NAS).  The most recent
document found on this webpage, which constitutes a scientific review
is the 2006 National Research Council report titled, “Fluoride in
Drinking Water:  A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards”.  I have
reviewed this document and found information therein that raises
concerns about the endocrine disruption effects of fluoride exposure,
especially adverse impacts upon the thyroid gland.  It is incorrect to
claim that this document serves as a basis for concluding that
fluoridation is safe.  The document serves as a basis for concluding
that fluoridation has not been proven to be safe and that there is
reason to conclude that it is not safe.

Based upon all that is stated above, a reasonable person would reject
the claim of the
Jefferson  County Public Health Department that fluoridation has been
proven to be safe.  Fluoridation has not been proven to be safe.  Much
to the contrary, fluoridation has been shown to cause harm.
Furthermore, so little research has been conducted on total fluoride
exposure and endocrine disruption effects that no reasonable person
would conclude that fluoridation was safe.

I am hopeful that the Village of Potsdam will carefully consider the
information provided above and on the Watertown Anti-Fluoridation
Action Facebook site in taking a hard look at the health risks
associated with fluoridation of municipal water.  I would like to make
a ten minute presentation on the subjects of fluoride exposure and
damages to health with focus on total fluoride exposure and endocrine
disruption at an upcoming meeting of the Board of Trustees.  Can an
agenda spot be made available?

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Town of Russell Helps Residents Access WHO Report Recommending POPs Exposure Minimization for Children

The Town of Russell now provides assistance to residents in accessing the 2010 World Health Organization (WHO) report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health”.  A PDF file for this report can be accessed from the town’s website.  This landmark WHO report recommends action to minimize the exposures that children around the world receive to persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  POPs are industrial chemicals that exhibit certain properties, which make them particularly dangerous to humans, including:  resistance to breakdown, solubility in fats and accumulation in the body.  POPs are contaminants of all animal fats.  POPs exposure has been found to cause chronic diseases including: cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  POPs are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).  Much harm to wildlife and human populations has been caused by POPs exposures.

“The Town of Russell is taking a strong, leadership role in raising public awareness of the POPs exposure health hazard.  Former Town Board Member David Whitford deserves recognition for his efforts to create educational outreach on POPs exposure minimization.  Supervisor Robert Best and the members of the current Russell Town Board demonstrate their love of children, good health, good government and scientific knowledge by their work building POPs exposure minimization education.  It is truly wonderful knowing these good Americans.  I believe that the goodness in the American people will overcome all of the bad energies and actions of the greedy corporate people who are damaging our nation.  We live in an exciting time of great good change coming.”-Donald L. Hassig