Town of Russell Helps Residents Access WHO Report Recommending POPs Exposure Minimization for Children

The Town of Russell now provides assistance to residents in accessing the 2010 World Health Organization (WHO) report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health”.  A PDF file for this report can be accessed from the town’s website.  This landmark WHO report recommends action to minimize the exposures that children around the world receive to persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  POPs are industrial chemicals that exhibit certain properties, which make them particularly dangerous to humans, including:  resistance to breakdown, solubility in fats and accumulation in the body.  POPs are contaminants of all animal fats.  POPs exposure has been found to cause chronic diseases including: cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  POPs are endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs).  Much harm to wildlife and human populations has been caused by POPs exposures.

“The Town of Russell is taking a strong, leadership role in raising public awareness of the POPs exposure health hazard.  Former Town Board Member David Whitford deserves recognition for his efforts to create educational outreach on POPs exposure minimization.  Supervisor Robert Best and the members of the current Russell Town Board demonstrate their love of children, good health, good government and scientific knowledge by their work building POPs exposure minimization education.  It is truly wonderful knowing these good Americans.  I believe that the goodness in the American people will overcome all of the bad energies and actions of the greedy corporate people who are damaging our nation.  We live in an exciting time of great good change coming.”-Donald L. Hassig