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Green Hassig Asks St. Lawrence County Legislature to Make 3 New Laws

Monday, March 3, 2014, 7:00 PM

Legislative Board Room, St. Lawrence County Courthouse, Canton, NY USA

The county legislatures of NY-21 and all other county legislative bodies in New York State have a great deal of power to bring change.  New York is a Home Rule state.  This means that local governments can adopt legislation that stands alone without the need for any supporting legislation on the state or federal level. In cases where there are related state and federal laws, if the local law is more stringent, it stands.

There are 3 new laws that I want St. Lawrence County government to set in place.  These laws will change things for the better.  Without these laws, life in St, Lawrence County and the rest of our country will continue to become worse.

(1) A prohibition against the sale and consumption of fracked gas in St. Lawrence County

Fracking is a technology that causes serious and irreparable harm to the Earth.  Fracking contaminates water, air and land.  Fracking will not continue if people can’t buy and burn fracked gas.  The county legislature can help with bringing an end to fracking by prohibiting the sale and consumption of fracked gas in St. Lawrence County.

(2) Establish public financing for all local election campaigns

Publicly financed election campaigns in which it is illegal to spend any money other than what is provided by law would go far to eliminating corporate money and influence in local government.  With publicly financed election campaigns the field of candidates would expand beyond those who have sufficient wealth to mount their own campaigns and the candidates of major parties, which now fund much of campaign spending.  Political parties should not be able to buy elections by outspending their competition.  Public financing of election campaigns will bring better candidates into public office.

(3) Require the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department to provide residents with information on all known and suspected human carcinogens

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) publish lists of carcinogens that are classified for human carcinogenicity.  Many chemicals are now classified as known or suspected human carcinogens.  Dioxins, PCBs, hexachlorobenzene, benzene, formaldehyde, arsenic, lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury are among the chemicals known or suspected to cause cancer in humans.  With knowledge of these chemicals comes the ability to avoid exposure and thereby minimize cancer risk.  The St. Lawrence County Public Health Department is not providing this information now because it depends upon the New York State Department of Health (DOH) for cancer information and the DOH is controlled by corporate influences that oppose informing the public on the subject of chemical exposure cancer causation.  This is wrong.  Lack of information is causing people in St. Lawrence County to get cancer and die.  We can change this by enacting a county law that requires public education on chemical carcinogens.


Warning Public of Ongoing PCB Exposure Trespass Trial in Massena Village Court

Friday, July 12, 2013, 2:00 PM

Massena Village Court, 60 Main Street, Massena, NY USA

I made a determined effort to obtain the opportunity to conduct
information tabling events at the North Country Veterans’ Clinic.  My
proposed subject was the health hazard constituted by the presence of
persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including PCBs, dioxins and
brominated flame retardants in the animal fat containing foods of the
mainstream food supply.  POPs are contaminants of all animal fats.
Veterans are likely to have received excess exposures to PCBs and
dioxins due to the fact that these substances are released into the
air when modern buildings and vehicles burn.  Fire is a frequent
accompaniment of warfare.  Additionally, many Viet Nam War veterans
were exposed to dioxin, as a result of aerial application of
herbicides, including Agent Orange.  Dioxin was formed in the
manufacture of 2,4,5-T, one of the main ingredients of the tactical

North Country Veterans’ Clinic administrators refused to discuss
educational outreach to minimize ongoing exposure to PCBs and dioxins.
Eventually, I learned that Massena Memorial Hospital was a public
institution.  I attempted to contact Mark Brouillette, Director of
Ancillary Affairs at the hospital.  Mr. Brouillette has a voice in
determining what is done at the North Country Veterans’ Clinic.  He
would not return my telephone calls.  After many months of trying to
communicate with these people, I decided that the time had come to
start conducting educational outreach at the Massena Memorial
Hospital.  When permission was being denied, it was my duty to go to
the hospital and exercise my freedom of speech concerning POPs
exposure minimization.

I stood in the main entrance lobby of the Massena Memorial Hospital
and spoke to patrons entering the facility, offering them a pamphlet
that explained the matters of POPs exposure, disease outcome and
exposure minimization.  After about half an hour, Mr. Brouillette came
down and introduced himself.  He requested that I go outdoors and
conduct my educational outreach on the public sidewalk off hospital
property.  I declined to do so.  Clients were driving into the
hospital parking lot and walking from there into the building.  I
would miss the opportunity to engage every one of them, if I were to
move to the public sidewalk.

Mr. Brouillette summoned the Village Police.  Police Chief Currier
attempted to convince me that the hospital was not a pubic place.  I
did not believe his complicated explanation.  Massena Memorial
Hospital is a public place and it is a good place to provide patrons
with information warning of the POPs exposure health hazard.

I am not guilty of Trespass.  The definition of Trespass is to remain
on a property with knowledge that it is unlawful to remain on that
property.  The US Constitution guarantees my right to freedom of
speech.  I had the right to speak to patrons of the Massena Memorial
Hospital about POPs exposure minimization.

I will be calling Zachary Chapman, Director of the North Country
Veterans’ Clinic and Mark Brouillette as witnesses.  It is my
intention to establish that these men had sought to deny me the
opportunity to speak freely at the North Country Veterans’ Clinic and
the Massena Memorial Hospital.  When they would not cooperate with
making arrangements for information tabling, I was perfectly justified
in going to the hospital and exercising my freedom of speech.  To do
otherwise would be to allow them to rob me of that freedom.

As the scientific facts of POPs exposure and disease outcome become
known to more and more people, it will become clear that the
governmental public health entities, including:  the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention, the US Environmental Protection
Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration and the New York State
Department of Health have chosen to keep the public in the dark about
this avoidable health hazard.  It is my responsibility as a person
with expert knowledge in the subjects referred to herein to speak
freely concerning these matters so as to warn the public of the harm
caused by exposure to POPs and to give people the opportunity to
choose not to consume foods containing animal fats, thereby minimizing
their exposure to POPs.  The Constitution protects my right to act
upon this responsibility.  If there is justice in the Massena Village
Court, I will be found not guilty of Trespass.

Cancer Action NY Begins Circulating Petition for Government Action to Warn Public of Avoidable Health Hazards

Over the course of years since the founding of Cancer Action NY in January 2000, the members of our organization have encountered overt hostility from governmental public health entities in response to our efforts to motivate these entities to take action to warn the public of avoidable health hazards. We have concluded that this hostility results from corporate control of government. We are determined to create government accountability in regards to these matters. So as to move forward with creating this accountability we are now circulating the following petition. If the governmental public health entities of the United States can be forced to come before the public in forum style meetings, it will be possible to hold these entities responsible for: (1) their failure to warn the public of avoidable health hazards; (2) their deliberate attempts to deceive the public about the role of industrial chemicals in the causation of cancer and other disease outcomes; and (3) choosing to allow corporations to determine what public health messages they will promote.


We the undersigned are in agreement upon the following points.

1. Scientific knowledge supports the conclusion that exposures to certain groups of chemicals impose a substantial quantity of disease risk. Such groups of chemicals include: persistent organic pollutants (POPs), pollutants released by combustion of fossil fuels, and heavy metals.

2. The governmental public health entities at local, state and national levels of government have failed to warn the public of the existence of the avoidable health hazards constituted by the presence of the above named groups of chemicals in the environment and/or food supply.

3. This failure of the governmental public health system is caused by corporate control of government at the state and national levels.

We the undersigned petition all of the governmental public health entities including: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the state and county public health departments to take action to warn the general public of the avoidable health hazards described above. We request that the public health entities listed above set about conducting a series of public forums on the subjects of chemical exposure and disease outcome. Additionally, we request that these governmental public health entities publish and disseminate health hazard advisories for the avoidable health hazards described herein.

NAME (PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME)                                                                                                      ADDRESS

Corrupt EPA Grasse River Clean-Up Decision Puts ALCOA Profits Above
Environment and Public Health

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a long and dark
history of placing corporate profitability above the protection of the
environment and the public health.  In the case of the remediation of
the GM Powertrain Superfund site, EPA opted for leaving a tremendous
quantity of industrial contaminants on the site.  The Toxic Mound is
an illegal industrial landfill that remains on this site.  The
landfill has no liner.  It is immediately adjacent to the lands of
Akwesasne.  It is uphill from waters that lie on the Akwesasne
reserve.  The Toxic Mound is continuing to poison Akwesasne.  In the
remediation of the former Reynolds Metals site, EPA allowed Reynolds
Metals to place PCB contaminated materials in a landfill that has a
clay bottom.  This is not the type of material that is required as a
liner for hazardous materials.  EPA broke the rules to give Reynolds
Metals a low cost way to deal with the contaminated materials from its
site.  In the case of the EPA’s dioxin reassessment, EPA has taken the
position that the US food supply is safe.  This is a position that is
pleasing to corporations that have dioxin clean-up liabilities and to
corporations in the foods sector of the economy.  The food supply is
not safe.  The animal fat foods of the mainstream food supply contain
levels of dioxins that impose more than acceptable risks for
developing diseases and disorders including:  cancer, heart disease,
type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, cognitive impairments, immune
system dysfunctions, reproductive impairments and behavioral
disorders.  EPA is lying to the people to please the corporations.
EPA corruption is causing people to receive avoidable exposures to
industrial contaminants.  EPA deception is causing people to get sick
and die.  This is very, very wrong.

“The EPA has no honor.  Cancer Action NY will persevere in bringing
out the Truth about the corrupt EPA.  I plan to escalate my free
speech endeavors to include many more venues.  Upcoming free speech
performances focusing on EPA corruption will take place at the
following venues:  Claxton Hepburn Hospital, Canton-Potsdam Hospital,
Lisbon Central School, Colton-Pierrepont Central School, Massena
Central School, area drug stores, and area fast food restaurants.
Viva the Environmental Protection Revolution!”-Donald Hassig

Cancer Action NY’s 4/8/13 letter of protest to EPA follows.



Judith Enck, Regional Administrator
US Environmental Protection Agency
Region 2
New York, NY USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Ms. Enck,

I am aware of the publication of the Record of Decision on the Grasse
River Clean-Up.  It is my understanding that the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) has selected as its preferred strategy for
remediation of the Grasse River Superfund Site a strategy that entails
leaving all contaminated material in the main channel of the river and
placing capping materials on this contaminated river bottom.  I am
very displeased to learn of this development.  When I spoke with
Region 2 EPA personnel on November 15, 2012 at the community outreach
session held by that agency, I argued that the presence of bedrock
below the contaminated sediments was not reason for leaving all of the
contaminated sediments in place.  All contaminated sediments that
could be removed by dredging down to bedrock should be removed.  Once
dredging down to bedrock has be accomplished, then any remaining
contamination should be capped.  This strategy would result in the
most full clean-up that was technologically possible.  This strategy
would best protect the health of the river and the people of the Town
of Massena and the Akwesasne Reserve.

The people of the Town of Massena and the Akwesasne Reserve have
suffered much damages to health as a result of exposures to PCBs.  The
PCBs that were disposed of by ALCOA, the former Reynolds Metals and
General Motors (GM), lay in the sediments and soils of the St.
Lawrence River valley for many decades before any clean-up was
attempted.  During all of that period, PCBs were evaporating out of
the contaminated soils and sediments.   These PCBs entered the outdoor
atmosphere and were inhaled by those who resided in the vicinity of
the contaminated sites.  David O. Carpenter, MD has published research
that found excess levels of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
in populations that resided within three miles of sites contaminated
with persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  Dr. Carpenter attributes
these excess disease rates to respiratory exposures to POPs that had
evaporated and entered the outdoor atmosphere.

Those who have received excess exposures to POPs, in this case PCBs
should be given special consideration when matters of public health
protection arise.  The remediation of the Grasse River is an
opportunity to protect the environment and the public health.  Grasse
River remediation should be conducted as described above so as to
minimize the ongoing exposures of the people of the Town of Massena
and the Akwesase Reserve to PCBs.  Best possible clean-up of the
Grasse River is best for public health.  The EPA has placed the short
term financial interests of ALCOA above environmental protection and
public health protection by opting for a remediation strategy that
leaves most of the contaminated materials in place in the Grasse

Cancer Action NY will continue to work for full clean-up of the Grasse
River.  This is the only acceptable remedial goal.  We will bring out
the Truth about corporate control of government and government
corruption that results in decisions being made that place the
financial interests of corporations above environmental protection and
public health protection.  ALCOA is a corporation that has no honor.
The EPA is a government entity that has no honor.  We will win because
we have honor, goodness and Truth on our side.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625


Speaking freely is exhilarating!!  I exercised my freedom of speech in the Roselle Plaza on the State University of New York Canton College campus today and experienced a great sense of satisfaction in moving forward with creating revolution.  I felt great pleasure, actual joy, in my rapidly growing ability to give an exciting spoken word/environmental dance performance as a new American Revolutionary.  It felt wonderful saying what I wanted to say.  I said, “The federal government of the United States is the most evil government that has ever existed on the Planet Earth.”  I said, “I am for taking down the federal government of the United States of America.  It is an evil government and it needs to be taken down.”  I said corporate greed had ruined our federal government and it was the responsibility of the good American people to take down that corrupt government.  It felt so good to speak these Truths.

One of the young women passing by stopped to say that I was right about the federal government being evil as a result of corporate control.  There is no denying the rightness of this position.  Hallelujah.  The days of bringing an end to bad government and bad corporate control of government are upon us.

I said, “I am the Revolution.”  I said that everyone who heard me saying this could say the same thing with confidence if they would just begin to speak out in public places as I was speaking out here now.  What a beautiful, non-violent, free speech revolution could evolve out of growing numbers of people speaking out against corrupt corporate controlled government.

I called upon all of those who came within the range of my loud voice to find the telephone number of the New York State Department of Health (DOH) on the internet, call the DOH and ask about industrial contaminants of animal fats causing children to be born with cancer in America.  I asked that they pursue this line of attack on the corrupt DOH by requesting that the DOH participate in a public forum on the subject of chemical exposure and cancer, which would be conducted on the Canton College campus.  What a great impact many such calls would have on the DOH.  If all of the people who work and study at Canton College would make this call and request that DOH participate in such a public forum, the stage would be set for taking a great leap ahead on the path of revolution.  Oh, the exciting hour when a public forum on chemical exposure and cancer was about to commence with participation by hundreds of St. Lawrence County residents and representatives of the governmental public health entities:  New York State DOH, the National Cancer Institute, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration.  Cancer Action NY could go far with bringing the Truth out at such an event.  This Truth has the potential power to spark a full-fledged non-violent revolution in the United States.

I will persevere in causing such a public forum to take place.  I will begin to circulate a petition that calls upon the above named entities to participate in a Public Forum on Chemical Exposure Cancer Risk.  This is a step further in the bright light that was shining on Canton College campus today.  Viva the Revolution!!


Jeffrey Graham, Mayor
City of Watertown
Watertown, NY 13601

Dear Mayor Graham,

It has recently come to my attention that the New York State Department of Health has produced a report that raises flags on the safety of fluoridation.  Please visit the website titled “Fluoride and Fluoridation Are a Health Hazard”.  This website can be accessed via the URL named below.

Please take this report into consideration as the City of Watertown makes its decision about the future of fluoridation.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

In 2003, several members of Cancer Action NY met via conference call with employees of the New York State Department of Health’s (DOH) Center for Environmental Health.  I had requested the meeting so as to have the opportunity to discuss dioxin exposure reduction education.  Dr. Nancy Kim, Director of the Center for Environmental Health’s Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment was the senior DOH scientist on the call.  Our meeting accomplished a small success.  Dr. Kim agreed to consider updating the DOH booklet titled, “Reducing Environmental Exposures:  The Seven Best Kid Friendly Practices” to present the subject of dioxin contamination of mainstream animal fat foods with a recommendation for reducing animal fat consumption.  She requested that I provide proposed text for the update.  Shortly after our discussion, I emailed a brief educational piece on dioxin exposure reduction.  I waited a considerable period of time and after having received no reply, I contacted Dr. Kim about the updating material.  She requested that I send the proposed text again.  I did this.  Months and then years passed by.  The booklet was not updated.


Eventually, I came into contact with Robert Chinery, Assistant Director of the Center for Environmental Health.  After several letters and a number of telephone calls, Mr. Chinery wrote stating that when the time came to print more of the environmental  exposure reduction booklets, the document would be updated to include a dioxin exposure reduction message.


During the course of years of this Cancer Action NY endeavor, we expanded upon our request so as to call for publication of a health hazard advisory for persistent organic pollutants (POPs).  The scientific literature was becoming extensive on serious damages to health imposed by POPs exposure.  Epidemiological studies indicated that chronic low level exposures were sufficient to cause major adverse effects, including type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Animal studies were being published that demonstrated gestational dioxin exposures predisposed offspring to increased breast cancer susceptibility.  POPs exposures were now known to cause damages to health, including:  cancer, type II diabetes, heart disease, cognitive impairments, reproductive failures, immune system dysfunction and behavioral disorders.


In 2013, nearly ten years after the 2003 meeting, the DOH has not yet published any educational information on the subject of the dioxin exposure health hazard or the POPs exposure health hazard constituted by contamination of mainstream food supply animal fat containing foods, including:  meats, fish, eggs and dairy products.  I have written a series of letters to the several Commissioners of the DOH who have been in office during the past decade.  The only answer that I have received is that the department has decided to update “Reducing Environmental Exposures:  The Seven Best Kid Friendly Practices” so as to include the subject of POPs exposure reduction.


The World Health Organization (WHO) published, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health” in 2010.  This public health guidance document recommends that leaders in the health arena, including employees of governmental public health entities and private physicians take action to minimize the exposure that children receive to POPs.  Cancer Action NY has made repeated attempts to engage DOH in a dialogue on the role of the department in accomplishing POPs exposure minimization for New York’s children.  DOH has refused to discuss this matter.


The DOH and the American Cancer Society released the 2012-2017 New York State Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan on December 18, 2012.   The Cancer Plan includes a two page environmental exposure section.  This section prioritizes several exposure sources for possible future exposure reduction action.  The prioritized exposure sources include POPs, referred to as fat-soluble contaminants of food.  The environmental exposure section also provides access to a significant number of documents that address chemical exposure and damages to health.  The WHO report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health” is included among these documents.


Despite the accumulation of an extensive body of peer-reviewed scientific research articles on the subject of POPs exposure and disease causation, the DOH continues to fall far short of providing the public with a warning of the POPs exposure health hazard.  There are reasons for this failure.


First and foremost among these reasons is the opposition of the chemicals and food sector corporations to government action to provide this warning.  Monsanto Corporation has succeeded in establishing much control over the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Michael Taylor, a former Monsanto executive, now holds the office of Deputy Commissioner for Food in the FDA.  Dow Chemical Company, the Chlorine Chemistry Council and the Vinyl Chemistry Council have succeeded in pressuring the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) into taking the position that dioxin contamination of mainstream food supply animal fats does not render the food supply unsafe.  EPA is totally silent on the POPs exposure health hazard.  The DOH is cognizant of the controlling influences of these corporations.  DOH follows the lead of FDA and EPA doing nothing to displease the corporate powers.


A second powerful reason for DOH failure on POPs contamination is fear of political backlash from the New York State Farm Bureau and other voices that advocate for farmers.  Agriculture is the largest business in New York State and the political ramifications of displeasing farmers are not ignored by the Governor’s Office and the Commissioner of the DOH.


Once public knowledge on the subject of the POPs exposure health hazard reaches a critical level, the DOH will begin to tell New Yorkers the Truth about POPs contamination of animal fats and damages to health imposed by consumption of contaminated animal fats.  Where the environmental health protection activists lead, the DOH will follow.  Scientific knowledge on this subject provides a clear message.  Minimization of exposure to POPs will create much public health benefit.