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I planned to attend the Colton-Pierrepont Central School District board meeting and hand out pamphlets on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization at the basketball game later the same evening. POPs are man-made chemicals that cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease. All animal fats are contaminated with POPs. These toxic chemicals accumulate in the bodies of people who consume foods that contain animal fats. The most significant action to minimize POPs exposure is minimizing consumption of animal fats.

In a show of good faith, I called Superintendent Joseph Kardash and left a voice-mail message stating my plans. After making a brief presentation on the subject of POPs exposure minimization for the School Board, I left the meeting room. Superintendent Kardash followed me out and warned me that I was not allowed to hand out any information at school events. I argued that this violated my freedom of speech and stated that I would hand out the pamphlets regardless of his opposition to this activity.

After talking the whole thing over with my brother, I decided to write Superintendent Kardash a letter requesting his permission to engage in educational outreach on POPs exposure minimization at school sporting events. I typed up the letter and went back to the school. Mr. Kardash was still there so I was able to hand deliver my letter.

I hope that he changes his mind and gives me permission to share knowledge about toxic chemical exposure minimization at the school. This certainly would be the right thing to do for the health of students and my sense of freedom. People should be allowed to speak freely at public school events that are open to the public. I feel that having no freedom of speech at school events is a bad situation certainly below the standard of how life should be in America. We should be free to speak at public events in public places.


US Constitution Missing from Massena “Justice”

On July 12, 2013, I faced a Trespass charge in the Massena Village
Court.  My defense strategy was based upon the most powerful law in
America, the US Constitution.  The First Amendments of the
Constitution guarantee our freedoms, including freedom of speech.  My
free speech can not be labelled as Trespass and stopped.

I was exercising my freedom of speech at the Massena Memorial Hospital
on the October day last year when hospital administrator Mark
Brouillette and Massena Police Chief Tim Currier teamed up to deny me
that freedom.  In the courtroom, my opponents were Andrew Botts an
assistant district attorney in the St. Lawrence County District
Attorney’s Office and Hon. James Crandall, Massena Village Justice.
None of these men give any consideration whatsoever to the protection
of free speech.  It is as if the Constitution does not exist in their

Judge Crandall found me guilty of Trespass despite the fact that I
established beyond any reasonable doubt the lawfulness of my actions
in the Massena Memorial Hospital.  The US Constitution trumps all laws
and regulations in the United States.  Americans are free to say what
they want to say in government buildings so long as they do not
disrupt the work of the people employed in those buildings.  The
Massena Memorial Hospital is owned by the Town of Massena.  It is a
public building.  The Constitution guarantees me free speech there.  I
did not disrupt the work of Massena Memorial Hospital employees.
Nevertheless, Judge Crandall found me guilty of Trespass.

The Massena Police Department and the Massena Village Court serve the
purpose of maintaining the status quo in the Village of Massena.  When
a person in a position of authority, such as Mark Bouillette at
Massena Memorial Hospital wants to stop an environmental health
protection activist from educating Massena residents about the risk of
cancer, heart attack and diabetes that is imposed by PCB exposure and
the ongoing PCB exposures entailed in consumption of supermarket foods
containing animal fats, the police and the court are quick to join
forces with the authority figure.  None of them give a single thought
to the right of the activist to speak freely.

The hospital is the perfect place to educate Massena residents about
minimizing the harm to health caused by past and ongoing exposures to
PCBs.  I tried for many months to speak with Mark Brouillette and
Zachary Chapman, Director of the North Country Veterans’ Clinic about
educating on the subjects addressed herein.  They refused to discuss
this.  After they gave me no satisfaction in my efforts to move
forward with public educational outreach on PCBs, I decided to go to
the hospital and hand out pamphlets describing the PCB exposure health
hazard.  This is what I did.

The founding fathers created the US Constitution to insure that
Americans were free to do what needed to be done to keep the country
vital and free.  I use my free speech to warn fellow citizens of the
harm that has been caused and continues to be caused by careless use
of chemicals by people with positions of power in corporations.  This
information is of critical importance to the health and happiness of
Americans.  The people need to know that the corporations have
poisoned the air, land and water of America and that in so doing they
have poisoned the people of America, causing much sickness and death.
Only when large numbers of Americans know this Truth will it be
possible to hold the corporations and their government allies
accountable.  The corporations and government must be held accountable
if we are to have a strong, healthy, just country.

I was doing the right thing handing out pamphlets about PCB exposure
and damage to health at the Massena Memorial Hospital.  The people
need this information.  The governmental public health entities will
not give the public this information because they are controlled by
the corporations that used the PCBs.  I plan to appeal the guilty
decision to County Court.  I am going to keep right on speaking freely
about PCBs and the other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the
meats, fish, diary products and eggs purchased in the supermarkets.
Speaking freely about these things is an environmental revolution in
the making.  It is good that environmental revolution is taking shape
in the St. Lawrence River Valley of New York State.  Good people
taking action can save America.


Michael Crowe, Esq.
St. Lawrence County Attorney
48 Court Street
Canton, New York USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Attorney Crowe,

I have experienced a series of arrests that have resulted from false
complaints that St. Lawrence County Administrator, Karen St. Hilaire
and St. Lawrence County Public Health Department Director, Dr. Susan
Hathaway have made against me.  All of these arrests have infringed
upon my freedom of speech.  The purpose of the false complaints and
arrests is to stop me from speaking freely on the subject of St.
Lawrence County government failure to use scientific knowledge on the
subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contamination of
animal fat foods found in the mainstream food supply to protect public
health.  The St. Lawrence County Legislature opposes public
educational outreach on this subject.  Ms. St. Hilaire and Dr.
Hathaway are currying favor with the majority of members of the
Legislature by attempting to bring an end to my free speech.

I have thought a great deal about how to defend my freedom of speech
in this situation.  I have decided that it is highly likely that it
will be necessary to take legal action against St. Lawrence County to
stop the abuse of free speech described above.  I do not like the idea
of causing St. Lawrence County taxpayers to have to pay for county
participation in such a legal action.  I would like to speak with you
about averting a free speech lawsuit.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Freedom of Speech Branded Disorderly Conduct by Watertown City Court

On January 16, 2013, I defended myself against a charge of Disorderly
Conduct before Hon. Judge Eugene Renzi in the Watertown City Court.
The trial hinged upon whether my dance/spoken word performance of
August 28, 2012 was free speech or Disorderly Conduct.  The arresting
officer of the Watertown City Police provided testimony for the
District Attorney’s Office.  He described my actions as “screaming”
and “waving my arms”.    His own words make very clear the fact that
the officer had a negative attitude toward my demonstration.  Speaking
loudly to be heard above the sounds of traffic on a busy city street
is only “screaming” to the person who does not like people who choose
to demonstrate against the corrupt government.  Dancing is only
“waving arms” in the mind of the person who sees all protest in a
negative light.

I took the witness stand and explained that freedom of speech was my
only option for educating voters about the bad government that has
come to exist in Washington.  I stated that the Watertown news media
had given me no positive coverage prior to the dance/spoken word
protest.  I stated that my strategy was to speak loudly and freely on
Washington Street in Watertown on August 28th so as to attract the
attention of voters.  I described the success of my endeavor, three
young men stopping to speak with me about the issues of my Green Party

In addition to relating the events of August 28th, I gave Judge Renzi
a brief history of my environmental activism.  I pointed out that my
message linking industrial chemical exposure with cancer causation was
displeasing to the powerful people of the North Country.  The key
Truth for the matter before the City Court and my activism as a whole
is that these powerful people had repeatedly tried to damage my
efforts to educate the public on the connection between industrial
chemical exposure and cancer.  I stated emphatically that I would
continue to use my freedom of speech to bring out the Truth about
chemical exposure and cancer in America.

Judge Renzi rendered his decision immediately following my closing
statement.  He obviously had his mind made up before the trial.  He
found me guilty of Disorderly Conduct and fined me 100.00 dollars.

I will appeal this bad decision.  Viva Freedom of Speech!  Viva the
Truth!  Viva the Revolution!

Cancer Prevention Candidate Ejected from New York State Fair by New York State Police-No Freedom of Dance in the Youth Building

Today, I was forced to stop educating on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization and the heavy contamination that exists West of the Akwesasne reserve in Franklin County by New York State Police at the New York State Fair.  I was dancing in the Youth Building.  This building is managed by Cornell University.  A white male, who identified himself as a person in a position of authority at the Youth Building asked me what I was doing and when I stated that I was educating on POPs exposure minimization and the heavy contamination that is harming the people of Akwesasne, he told me to stop.  I asked him to look at a pamphlet that Cancer Action NY uses to educate on these subjects and he refused in a very haughty way to even look at it.  He asked me if we could find a pleasant way to bring my dancing to an end.  I told him that I was going to keep on dancing.  He called the State Police.  The officers behaved as if they knew very little about freedom of speech and cared nothing about protecting the freedom of speech of a New York State resident.  After determining that I was not carrying any weapons and that I was a totally normal person, the officers tried to convince me to leave of my own volition.  I stated that I would leave if they charged me with trespass and gave me an appearance ticket.  The officer in charge offered to eject me from the fairgrounds and give me a statement indicating that it was upon order of the New York State Police that I was being ejected from the fairgrounds.  Rather than have to deal with a trespass charge in Syracuse City Court, I accepted this offer.

I am now forbidden from entering upon the fairgrounds until after the 2012 New York State Fair has ended.  I had planned to perform in the Talent Hunt so as to make use of that stage as a free speech venue.  I want to speak freely where children and adults can hear what I am saying.

This is all very bad behavior of adults, denying me my freedom of speech in places where children could learn how to avoid exposure to toxic, man-made chemicals that are know among scientists to cause serious damage to health at current levels of food supply contamination.  This is all very wrong.  American children deserve far better than being kept in the dark about food supply contamination by the adults who caused this problem.

I have made up my mind to bring a federal lawsuit against:  the Town of Parishville and Supervisor Jerry Moore, the New York State Police and Cornell University.  The courts are not places of justice, but litigation is a way of taking the high ground.

” Bad adults who care nothing about freedom of speech and have no awareness of the need to break free from the bad controlling influences of corporations that are imposed upon us by government are cheating me out of my freedom of speech.  I am determined to continue exercising my freedom of speech in a way that challenges the bad adults who are trying to control everyone.  The children are smart.  They can see through the efforts of the bad adults to cast me as a danger to children.  I care about children, all of the children, because they are innocent of the poisoning of the Earth and the resultant poisoning of all the people of the Earth.  I will be victorious in these matters, because I have acted in love and goodness.  The truth will eventually come out.  Viva the Revolution!  I am the Revolution!!”-Donald L. Hassig

Free Speech Violation by Town of Parishville and New York State Police:  Green Party Congressional Candidate Arrested for Educating Children on Subjects of Persistent Organic Pollutants Exposure Health Hazard and Exposure Minimization Strategies

During my first telephone conversation with Jerry Moore, Town of Parishville Supervisor, he said that he didn’t want “any of my foolishness in his town board meetings”.  That was a warning signal.  I have now come to know enough about Mr. Moore to validate my suspicion that he was a backward person with too much power.  During the July 2012 Town Board meeting, Supervisor Moore told me that he wanted to have nothing to do with Cancer Action NY because I had written a letter to St. Lawrence County policy makers criticizing Dr. Susan Hathaway, Director of the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department for speaking falsely having stated that the World Health Organization report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health” was not valid due to the fact that no epidemiological evidence existed that supported the conclusions of this report.  Mr. Moore did not want to talk about providing St. Lawrence County residents with a warning of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.  I left the Town Board meeting and went out to the Parishville Town Park to assess the possibilities for cancer prevention educational outreach there.  There were quite a number of children playing on and around the beach.  This was clearly a good place for educational outreach.  I spoke with two young women who held positions of authority at the park.  They told me that I would need to obtain the approval of Supervisor Moore before conducting any educational outreach at the Parishville Park.  I told them that Mr. Moore was not likely to give me permission to educate in the park and that I did not believe that I needed his permission considering the fact that Americans are guaranteed freedom of expression in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Later the same day, I received a call from Jeff Woods, Town of Parishville Recreation Director.  He informed me that Mr. Moore was opposed to me conducting any educational activities at the Town Park.  Mr. Woods went on to tell me that he had been instructed to tell me to leave and if I tried to educate any of the children at the beach on the subject of chemical exposure cancer risk he was to call the “authorities”.  I asked him what authorities and he said the State Police.  I told him that I would be visiting the park to educate on cancer prevention.

On Monday, July 30th, 2012, I  went to the Parishville Park at high noon and started educating.  This involved placing a 3-fold display board on a bench at the edge of the water and dancing at the far edge of the beach.  The message on my display board was this, “POPs Cause Cancer”.  Mr. Woods came down to where I was dancing and told me to leave.  I told him that the Parishville Park was a public place in the United States of America, which meant it was a free speech place.  He went back up the beach, called the “authorities” and then just stood there watching.  Eventually, the New York State Police showed up.  They came down across the sand to the water and I met them standing beside my message board singing Tom Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down”.  They told me that they wanted to talk in the parking lot.  I told them I wanted to talk on the beach where the kids could hear what we were talking about.  They told me to leave.  I said “Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out, and I won’t back down.”  The two of them grabbed me and put the hand cuffs on tight.   Under arrest again.  Viva the Revolution!

The decent and reasonable police officer gave me the choice of going to Canton in the back of the police car to be handed my trespass charges or getting these papers here at the park and driving out of the park in my own vehicle.  I chose the quickest route to freedom.  It was nice of him to make the arrest as easy as possible for me.

I wish there were more people who would stand up and say that it is wrong for the government to continue seeking to maintain the illusion that the food supply is safe when the right thing for government to do would be to warn the public of the avoidable POPs exposure health hazard.  Government should tell the people the truth:  the food supply is contaminated with sufficient quantities of POPs to impose significant disease risk and exposure minimization is warranted.  I hope that the children who saw what happened at the Town Park today grow up fast and become fellow revolutionaries.

I plan to file a federal free speech violation lawsuit against the Town of Parishville and the New York State Police.

I love freedom of speech. I love exercising this freedom frequently. Thus, it is my mission to find free speech places. These are places where a significant number of people are gathered and I feel comfortable giving a dance performance in connection with a message. I present the activist message via 3-fold display board.

I was so excited about visiting the 2012 Clinton County Fair and speaking freely. The concern existed that authorities might tell me this was not allowed, that I had to rent a booth or get a permit in order to do any kind of outreach. The problem with these scenarios is that there is no sense of freedom in them. I put the concern out of my mind.

On Saturday, July 21st, 2012, I bought my ticket and entered the Clinton County Fairgrounds. I proceeded to the dairy cow barn where I planned to conduct a news conference on the subject of farm animal protection, this being done as part of my campaign as the Green Party candidate in the 21st Congressional District race. As is often the case, the news media chose not to attend. Nevertheless, I had transmitted a Media Advisory to the news organizations of the 21st CD well in advance of the event. I had done all that I could do to engage their interest. I was good.

I felt slightly disappointed that no news media had showed up, but this negativity was fleeting. I continued strongly upon the path of finding my free speech excitement. I proceeded to the most appealing and attractive spot on the fairgrounds. This was the Talent Show venue. There in the crowd that stood watching the stage performances, I opened up my 3-fold display board. Now I was doing something that felt good. People were reading the message. I was communicating. Viva Free Speech!

Didn’t last long. A disgruntled male, radiating an aura of authority started over toward me making close-up-the-sign gestures. I turned my face away from him and kept on with the free speech. He came up close and stated that I was not allowed to have a sign. I told him that it was the United States of America and I was intent upon having my freedom of speech. I asked him what entity owned the fairgrounds. He ignored my reasonable question, pulled out his cell phone and called the police. This person had no respect whatsoever for freedom of speech.

When the several armed officers arrived on the scene, I walked up to meet them with sign full open. They ordered me to close it up, which I then did. I explained to them my hopes of using freedom of speech to communicate with voters. The officer in charge explained that he had been ordered to remove me from the fairgrounds. I asked about ownership of the property and stood my ground on the matter of it being unlawful for them to stop me from speaking freely if the fairgrounds was owned by Clinton County. Nevertheless, I did not want to be arrested, so I cooperated and left.

I have experienced such interference with free speech many times during the past several decades of activism. Once a person in a position of authority has complained to the police about someone doing something that they consider to be unacceptable, the police follow the route of bringing an end to the complained of activity with no regard for civil liberties. There is no justice in this. There is no fairness in this. There is no freedom in this. There is a considerable amount of frustration in this. It is all about the people who have the power using that power to minimize the effectiveness of anyone’s efforts to have a tiny bit of power.

This is the truth. America is a very repressive society. My heart yearns to break free of that repression. I want to be free to walk into a crowd gathered in a public place and open up a message board that speaks from my heart about the harm that Americans are doing to the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth. I want to be free to set my message board on a bench or place it on a stand that I have carried there and then dance in the joy of my freedom of speech. That is the America that I love and will work relentlessly to create. I believe that it will take a revolution to have that America. I am calling on all Americans who love freedom of speech to start using it now. Start telling the people in power that they have come dangerously close to damaging our Earth so badly that our lives on Earth will be full of suffering. Start telling them that you want them to step down so that you can take the power and lead to a more beautiful way of living.

— Donald L. Hassig, Director, Cancer Action NY and Cancer Action News Network; P O Box 340, Colton, NY USA 13625; 315.262.2456;