Speaking freely is exhilarating!!  I exercised my freedom of speech in the Roselle Plaza on the State University of New York Canton College campus today and experienced a great sense of satisfaction in moving forward with creating revolution.  I felt great pleasure, actual joy, in my rapidly growing ability to give an exciting spoken word/environmental dance performance as a new American Revolutionary.  It felt wonderful saying what I wanted to say.  I said, “The federal government of the United States is the most evil government that has ever existed on the Planet Earth.”  I said, “I am for taking down the federal government of the United States of America.  It is an evil government and it needs to be taken down.”  I said corporate greed had ruined our federal government and it was the responsibility of the good American people to take down that corrupt government.  It felt so good to speak these Truths.

One of the young women passing by stopped to say that I was right about the federal government being evil as a result of corporate control.  There is no denying the rightness of this position.  Hallelujah.  The days of bringing an end to bad government and bad corporate control of government are upon us.

I said, “I am the Revolution.”  I said that everyone who heard me saying this could say the same thing with confidence if they would just begin to speak out in public places as I was speaking out here now.  What a beautiful, non-violent, free speech revolution could evolve out of growing numbers of people speaking out against corrupt corporate controlled government.

I called upon all of those who came within the range of my loud voice to find the telephone number of the New York State Department of Health (DOH) on the internet, call the DOH and ask about industrial contaminants of animal fats causing children to be born with cancer in America.  I asked that they pursue this line of attack on the corrupt DOH by requesting that the DOH participate in a public forum on the subject of chemical exposure and cancer, which would be conducted on the Canton College campus.  What a great impact many such calls would have on the DOH.  If all of the people who work and study at Canton College would make this call and request that DOH participate in such a public forum, the stage would be set for taking a great leap ahead on the path of revolution.  Oh, the exciting hour when a public forum on chemical exposure and cancer was about to commence with participation by hundreds of St. Lawrence County residents and representatives of the governmental public health entities:  New York State DOH, the National Cancer Institute, the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food and Drug Administration.  Cancer Action NY could go far with bringing the Truth out at such an event.  This Truth has the potential power to spark a full-fledged non-violent revolution in the United States.

I will persevere in causing such a public forum to take place.  I will begin to circulate a petition that calls upon the above named entities to participate in a Public Forum on Chemical Exposure Cancer Risk.  This is a step further in the bright light that was shining on Canton College campus today.  Viva the Revolution!!