I planned to attend the Colton-Pierrepont Central School District board meeting and hand out pamphlets on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization at the basketball game later the same evening. POPs are man-made chemicals that cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease. All animal fats are contaminated with POPs. These toxic chemicals accumulate in the bodies of people who consume foods that contain animal fats. The most significant action to minimize POPs exposure is minimizing consumption of animal fats.

In a show of good faith, I called Superintendent Joseph Kardash and left a voice-mail message stating my plans. After making a brief presentation on the subject of POPs exposure minimization for the School Board, I left the meeting room. Superintendent Kardash followed me out and warned me that I was not allowed to hand out any information at school events. I argued that this violated my freedom of speech and stated that I would hand out the pamphlets regardless of his opposition to this activity.

After talking the whole thing over with my brother, I decided to write Superintendent Kardash a letter requesting his permission to engage in educational outreach on POPs exposure minimization at school sporting events. I typed up the letter and went back to the school. Mr. Kardash was still there so I was able to hand deliver my letter.

I hope that he changes his mind and gives me permission to share knowledge about toxic chemical exposure minimization at the school. This certainly would be the right thing to do for the health of students and my sense of freedom. People should be allowed to speak freely at public school events that are open to the public. I feel that having no freedom of speech at school events is a bad situation certainly below the standard of how life should be in America. We should be free to speak at public events in public places.