Green Party Candidate Hassig Endeavors to Initiate Dialogue with
Enbridge Corporation on Fracking’s Harm to All Earth’s Children

Wednesday, November 27, 2013, 11:00 AM

Enbridge Office, Brasher Falls, NY USA

High volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) or fracking is a heavily
polluting activity.  Tremendous quantities of untested chemicals are
injected into the Earth along with water and sand to shatter shale
formations thereby releasing natural gas from pockets within the rock.
This process leads to contamination of ground water and surface water
via mingling of fracking fluid, chemicals present in the shale pockets
and water.  Fracking a gas well involves a very large amount of truck
traffic.  The diesel exhaust emissions from this trucking onslaught
are a major impact upon air quality.  Additional contamination of air
occurs via evaporation from condensate tanks and waste pits.  The
heavy contamination of water and air resulting from fracking is
harmful to all living beings.  There has been far too much harm to
life on Earth from petrochemical corporations already.  Fracking is

Enbridge Corporation is transporting and marketing natural gas that is
extracted by fracking.  This company that profits from fracking has a
responsibility to participate in dialogue concerning the pollution
associated with fracking for gas.  I will endeavor to engage Enbridge
Corporation in that dialogue.  Going to the Brasher Falls Enbridge
Office is a perfect way to start the talk on fracking pollution.  This
office is part of my home region.  It is within the home region that
matters of health and environmental protection should be discussed
most extensively.  Where we live is where our words have the most

I visit the Enbridge Office in the name of love, love of the Earth and
all of the living beings of the Earth.  I believe that love is the
most powerful force that can be brought to bear for protecting the
Earth Mother.  Love of the Earth and her many children will bring an
end to fracking.