Gloria Mattera, Co-Chair
Michael O’Neil, Co-Chair
Green Party of New York State
New York USA

To the Green Party Establishment,

I have encountered and continue to encounter a considerable amount of
negativity coming from the Green Party Establishment.  My thoughts are
to confront this by going to a State Committee meeting and asking what
basis the Green Party Establishment including:  Mark Dunlea, Gloria
Mattera, Michael O’Neil, Peter LaVenia and Howie Hawkins has for
treating me badly.  I want to confront the people who are attempting
to cast me as a bad Green Party candidate.  I want to hear from their
own lips what they think it is that they know about me that gives them
the right to say that I am a bad candidate.

The Green Party Establishment is merely following the example of the
corporate people, the bad politicians and the bad news media people
who started saying that I was a bad candidate way back in the 90s.
They started saying this because I had the strength of character that
it took to stand up to the powerful corporate people and politicians
and say that they were wrong on a considerable number of issues here
in the St. Lawrence River Valley:  trash burning that contaminated
milk and meat with dioxins and PCBs; hazardous waste sites that were
contaminating air and water; and a proposal to construct an oriented
strand board facility that would have released a major quantity of
carcinogens into the air.  The Green Party Establishment is going
along with the people who say bad things about me because the Green
Party Establishment is afraid of the corrupt corporate people, the
corrupt politicians and the corrupt news media.

I can overcome the bad treatment that I am receiving from the Green
Party Establishment by continuing to follow the path of bringing out
the Truth about corporate abuse of the Earth, politicians who
facilitate this abuse and news media that can’t see any of this abuse.
The good American people honor me for doing this good work.  The
Green Party Establishment will fail because it is nothing more than an
obstacle that I rolled over top of.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig