Director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Writes to Congressman William Owens in Response to Question Concerning Minimization of Children’s Exposures to POPs

Thomas Frieden, MD, Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) has written to Congressman William Owens in response to questions concerning educational outreach on the subjects of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure and disease outcome.  Dr. Frieden describes several types of action that CDCP has taken and continues to take involving individual POPs and subclasses of POPs.  However, his letter makes no mention of action to warn the public of the POPs exposure health hazard.  He writes of work in progress on creating a document focusing on PCBs and another on dioxins.  Hopefully, these documents will provide warning of the dangerous exposures that consumers are receiving to these chemicals.  Nonetheless, these documents are not the documents that are needed to warn the public of the harm to health that is caused by the total POPs exposures entailed in consumption of animal fat containing foods available in the mainstream food supply, including:  meats, fish, dairy products and eggs.

The Truth is slowly coming out regarding the lack of use of scientific knowledge on the subjects of chemical exposure and disease outcome to protect public health.  The POPs exposure health hazard warning should have been provided to the public by no later than 2010 when the World Health Organization published, “Persistent Organic Pollutants:  Impact on Child Health”.  No such warning has yet been provided by any governmental public health entity.  The governmental public health entities are under the control of corporations in every nation.  It is the work of grassroots organizations that will lead the way in preventing disease via the provision of warnings of avoidable health hazards.

4-11-13 Letter from CDCP concerning POPs health hazard