Hon. William Owens
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Congressman Owens,

I am encountering a total lack of responsiveness from the US
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The EPA has not responded to
numerous letters and telephone calls attempting to motivate revision
of the information that the agency provides on the subjects of
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure and damages to health.
I have ccd your office on the letters sent to EPA.

I am particularly interested in seeing the EPA’s webpage on POPs
revised so as to bring it in line with the World Health Organization
report, “Persistent Organic Pollutants: Impact on Child Health”.  The
information that EPA is now providing serves to assure the public that
no significant health risk is imposed by the POPs exposures resultant
from consumption of mainstream food supply foods.  The WHO report
named above warns the public that harm is occurring at current levels
of food supply contamination.  The end result of these conflicting
messages is confusion.  EPA is not using scientific knowledge to
produce its information on POPs.  EPA presents information on POPs
that is designed to assure the public that the food supply is safe
despite the fact that it is not safe.  EPA does this because
corporations with financial interests in chemical sales and food sales
control EPA.

Can you provide some assistance in getting EPA to communicate?  Thank
you for your attention to this request.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig