Cancer Action NY Begins Circulating Petition for Government Action to Warn Public of Avoidable Health Hazards

Over the course of years since the founding of Cancer Action NY in January 2000, the members of our organization have encountered overt hostility from governmental public health entities in response to our efforts to motivate these entities to take action to warn the public of avoidable health hazards. We have concluded that this hostility results from corporate control of government. We are determined to create government accountability in regards to these matters. So as to move forward with creating this accountability we are now circulating the following petition. If the governmental public health entities of the United States can be forced to come before the public in forum style meetings, it will be possible to hold these entities responsible for: (1) their failure to warn the public of avoidable health hazards; (2) their deliberate attempts to deceive the public about the role of industrial chemicals in the causation of cancer and other disease outcomes; and (3) choosing to allow corporations to determine what public health messages they will promote.


We the undersigned are in agreement upon the following points.

1. Scientific knowledge supports the conclusion that exposures to certain groups of chemicals impose a substantial quantity of disease risk. Such groups of chemicals include: persistent organic pollutants (POPs), pollutants released by combustion of fossil fuels, and heavy metals.

2. The governmental public health entities at local, state and national levels of government have failed to warn the public of the existence of the avoidable health hazards constituted by the presence of the above named groups of chemicals in the environment and/or food supply.

3. This failure of the governmental public health system is caused by corporate control of government at the state and national levels.

We the undersigned petition all of the governmental public health entities including: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Environmental Health and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the US Environmental Protection Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration, and the state and county public health departments to take action to warn the general public of the avoidable health hazards described above. We request that the public health entities listed above set about conducting a series of public forums on the subjects of chemical exposure and disease outcome. Additionally, we request that these governmental public health entities publish and disseminate health hazard advisories for the avoidable health hazards described herein.

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