The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses its Science Advisory
Board to create the illusion that scientific knowledge is the driving
force for EPA decision-making.  Creating this illusion is an EPA
strategy aimed at deceiving the American public so as to perpetuate
the agency’s usefulness to corporations.  EPA does not use scientific
knowledge in its decision-making.  EPA is controlled by the
corporations that it was set up to regulate.  EPA takes action as
these corporations dictate.  The corporations want the American people
to believe that EPA controls corporate activities thereby protecting
the environment and public health.  So long as the public believes
this lie, the corporations are free to exercise their unbridled greed.

EPA has recently established a Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory
Panel.  This panel will be used by EPA to deceive Americans about the
use of hydraulic fracturing by the oil and gas companies.  The panel
will be used to create the appearance of an EPA that gives careful
attention to scientific knowledge in decision-making.

Many years ago, EPA created a Science Advisory Board Dioxin Review
Panel.  The Dioxin Review Panel was charged with providing a
non-biased review of the agency’s dioxin reassessment.  The dioxin
reassessment is EPA’s review of the scientific literature on the
subjects of dioxin exposure and health effects.

In February 2012, EPA published the final draft of the
non-carcinogenic effects part of the dioxin reassessment.  EPA used
the publication of this document as an opportunity to make the claim
that the US food supply was safe and that dioxin exposure at current
levels of food supply contamination imposed no significant risk of
disease outcome.  The scientific literature does not support this
claim.  After several decades of reviewing the voluminous scientific
research literature pertaining to dioxins, EPA took the corporate
position stated above.  All of the review, including the work of the
Dioxin Review Panel was a charade.

The Dioxin Review Panel has chosen to remain silent on the final draft
of the non-carcinogenic effects part of the EPA dioxin reassessment
and EPA’s claim that the food supply is safe.  This is due to the fact
that members of the Dioxin Review Panel are interested in obtaining
research grants from EPA and doing consulting work for corporations.

EPA and its Dioxin Review Panel have kept the public in the dark about
the presence of dangerous levels of dioxins in the animal fat foods of
the mainstream food supply, which include:  meats, fish, diary
products and eggs.  EPA and its Science Advisory Board have a record
of attempting to deceive the American public.  The EPA and its Science
Advisory Board should not be looked to for a fair assessment of the
scientific literature on the subjects of the environmental damages and
health effects associated with the extraction of shale gas and shale
oil via hydraulic fracturing.

Those who seek to bring an end to the use of hydraulic fracturing in
the United States should not waste their time and energy participating
in the EPA review.  The most effective way to bring an end to
hydraulic fracturing is to force EPA to respond in public to charges
that the agency is controlled by corporations.  Congressional hearings
on corporate control of EPA can create the government accountability
that is an absolutely critical part of good government.  Without
government accountability, EPA will continue on its path of deception.
If the people can succeed in forcing EPA to become accountable to
them, the EPA can then be used to stop hydraulic fracturing and all
other activities of shale oil and shale gas extraction.