Environmental Health Protection Activist Hassig Moves Canton Town Court for Dismissal of Stalking and Trespass Charges

I will appear in Canton Town Court on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 to make oral argument in support of my motion for dismissal of the two pending charges.  My principal point supporting dismissal is the legitimate purpose which existed for all of my actions involving St. Lawrence County Public Health Department Director Susan Hathaway, PhD.  I criticized Dr. Hathaway for the purpose of motivating her to take action upon her responsibility to protect public health.  She did not like this criticism, but the criticism was not illegal.  I criticized her for the purpose of causing her to stop speaking falsely about the scientific knowledge that I had been bringing before St. Lawrence County government on the subject of the persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure health hazard.  My purpose in criticizing Dr. Hathaway centered upon providing the residents of St. Lawrence County with the health protective benefits of scientific knowledge describing the POPs exposure health hazard.  Dr. Hathaway did not want to provide the public with this knowledge because it was not politically comfortable for her to do this.  I spoke as I did with regards to the failure of Dr. Hathaway to protect public health so as to motivate her to start protecting public health regardless of political considerations.   For further detail on my motion for dismissal of all charges, please see the Supporting Affidavit provided below.

Supporting Affidavit for Dismissal of Stalking and Trespass Charges