Michael Crowe, Esq.
St. Lawrence County Attorney
48 Court Street
Canton, New York USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Attorney Crowe,

I have experienced a series of arrests that have resulted from false
complaints that St. Lawrence County Administrator, Karen St. Hilaire
and St. Lawrence County Public Health Department Director, Dr. Susan
Hathaway have made against me.  All of these arrests have infringed
upon my freedom of speech.  The purpose of the false complaints and
arrests is to stop me from speaking freely on the subject of St.
Lawrence County government failure to use scientific knowledge on the
subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) contamination of
animal fat foods found in the mainstream food supply to protect public
health.  The St. Lawrence County Legislature opposes public
educational outreach on this subject.  Ms. St. Hilaire and Dr.
Hathaway are currying favor with the majority of members of the
Legislature by attempting to bring an end to my free speech.

I have thought a great deal about how to defend my freedom of speech
in this situation.  I have decided that it is highly likely that it
will be necessary to take legal action against St. Lawrence County to
stop the abuse of free speech described above.  I do not like the idea
of causing St. Lawrence County taxpayers to have to pay for county
participation in such a legal action.  I would like to speak with you
about averting a free speech lawsuit.

Thank you for your attention to this correspondence.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig