Joe Kardash, Superintendent
Colton-Pierrepont Central School District
Colton, New York USA
Transmitted by electronic mail

Dear Superintendent Kardash,

On October 13, 2011, I was arrested and charged with criminal
trespass, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct as a result of an
incident that took place in the St. Lawrence County Courthouse.  These
charges were based upon false statements made by County Administrator
Karen St. Hilaire and New York State Unified Court System Security
Officer Cassidy Mock.  I did nothing that was unlawful on that date
other than say the f-word in response to being treated with disrespect
by Officer Mock.  He pushed me twice and he demanded that I stop
pointing my finger at him when I told him that he was part of the
problem with bad people in government not acting upon their
responsibility.  I said the f-word because he was abusing me.

In the Spring of 2012, Canton Village Justice William Galvin dismissed
all charges except the disorderly conduct charge.  I plead guilty to
that charge because the definition of disorderly conduct includes
speaking profanely in public.  I did nothing significantly unlawful.
Judge Galvin did not fine me or impose any other type of penalty.

At a time shortly after the arrest described above, I contacted your
office about Cancer Action NY information tabling at the school.  You
told me that the Colton-Pierrepont Central School District Board of
Education had decided that I was not welcome in the school during
instructional hours.  I was disappointed that the board had made this
decision considering my long history of information tabling at the
school.  In hopes of changing the minds of board members, I attended a
school board meeting and explained all that is stated above concerning
the October 13, 2011 arrest.  I found that the board was unwilling to
change its position.

During the course of the past several weeks, I have encountered the
experience of being excluded from the Town of Colton’s Winterfest
Health Fair.  I have participated by invitation in this yearly event
for a considerable period of time and had planned to participate in
2013.  When I spoke with Mary Long, the organizer of the Health Fair
about the decision to exclude Cancer Action NY, she stated, “The
school doesn’t want you around.”  The school board’s decision to
exclude Cancer Action NY was now being used as justification for
exclusion from the Health Fair.

I have spoken with you about all that is stated above.  You have
reiterated that it is the position of the school board that I am not
welcome in the school during instructional hours.  Please provide a
detailed written basis for this exclusion.  I want to know what
reasons the school board has for excluding Cancer Action NY.

Thank you for your attention to this request.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig