January 13, 2013

Dear St. Lawrence County Policy Makers,

Ever more widely the Truth is being spoken about the cancer epidemic
in the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence River Valley region.  People are
coming together on this matter of industrial pollutants causing
cancer.  Please read the article published by the Sierra Club and
posted on the blog, My Breast Cancer Story Kim Chaffee.


As local government leaders, you have a great opportunity to use
government to protect the public health.  Educational outreach on
carcinogen exposure minimization can be accomplished by local
government.  Taking many small steps to educate will result in much
public knowledge.  Empowered with knowledge about what chemical
exposures cause cancer, the people will change their diets and other
behaviors to minimize their exposures.

The Town of Potsdam and the Town of Colton have expressed interest in
using their websites to educate on persistent organic pollutants
(POPs) exposure minimization.  As more websites come to provide this
information, the people will grow in their awareness of the POPs
exposure health hazard.  Working together we can bring good change.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig