We need to focus on Love and Light as we set about bringing an end to
the rule of bad people in America.  Ever so long ago, Jesus raised up
Love as a powerful part of human existence.  We must now let Love
guide our efforts to bring great change in our country.  Deep in the
hearts of all good people are the desires to be in Light and to be
filled with Light.  Light will help us find the right path.

We need great changes in our country.  I believe these changes can best be                                                                                                               accomplished by way of revolution.  In the past, revolutions have imposed                                                                                                       much suffering on children, old people and animals.  We must be careful to                                                                                                     conduct our revolution in a manner that does not cause any such suffering.

We can bring about the replacement of bad people in the positions of
power in the United States by mass action.  The good people of America
need to start gathering in the streets and discussing change.  These
discussions must focus on change at the local level.  Once we have
discussed and taken actions to establish change on the local level, we
will be ready to bring change at the national level.

Let’s start discussing how to create local sources of food and energy.
These are two of the most important parts of human life.

We also need to discuss how to stop the bad Americans from ruining the
Earth.  Stopping this ruin from taking place is an essential part of
creating our local food and energy supplies.  We need a healthy planet
to live on.  We can change our food and energy activities, if we have
a healthy, stable Earth to live upon.

There is much good work ahead of us.  We can take back America for the
good Americans in ways that are more careful and loving than
revolution.  Love will make this possible.  Light will help us do

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625