5 North Country activists attended the December 17, 2012 Watertown, NY City Council
Meeting to call for an end to the fluoridation of tap water.  No one in
favor of continuing to add fluoride to the water spoke at the Council

Troy Walts, a Fact Checker for Info Wars, stated that he is
ready to debate the Jefferson County Health Department Director Jean
Bilow on the dangers of fluoridation.  Fluoride exposure has been
linked with hypothyroidism, bone cancer in young males and fluorosis
of teeth and bones.  Fluoride is an endocrine disrupting chemical.
Ms. Bilow wrote to the Watertown City government to express her
support for adding this chemical to the public water supply.  Her
letter stated that reputable studies have shown that fluoridation is

Mr. Walts requested that Mayor Jeffrey Graham show him the container
that the water treatment chemicals are supplied in at the next council
meeting, noting toxic impurities in
addition to fluoride are being added to the water.  Jeffrey Ostrom,
another Watertown activist stated that fluoridation is practiced much
more extensively in the USA than elsewhere in the world and linked
this truth to the fact that the US has long demonstrated unwillingness
to address global climate change.  Connecting these dots leads to the
conclusion that corporate interests rule in America like nowhere else.

I am a Founding Member and Director of Cancer Action NY.  I stated that
Ms. Bilow’s assertion that fluoridation is safe is incorrect based on
the existence of scientific research findings linking fluoride
exposure to hypothyroidism, bone cancer and fluorosis.  I explained
that people are exposed to fluoride from many sources:  toothpaste,
pharmaceuticals, pesticides utilized in food production and
fluoridation of municipal water.  Total fluoride exposure is what is
significant in determining safety.  Total fluoride exposure of
Watertown residents has not been measured.  Ms. Bilow is not taking
total exposure into account and her statement has no scientific basis.

Watertown City Council Member Roxanne Burns was contacted by telephone after the meeting.  She said, “We will take a hard look at this.”  Council Member Burns expressed a willingness to utilize scientific facts in deciding the fluoridation question.