Cancer Prevention Candidate Ejected from New York State Fair by New York State Police-No Freedom of Dance in the Youth Building

Today, I was forced to stop educating on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization and the heavy contamination that exists West of the Akwesasne reserve in Franklin County by New York State Police at the New York State Fair.  I was dancing in the Youth Building.  This building is managed by Cornell University.  A white male, who identified himself as a person in a position of authority at the Youth Building asked me what I was doing and when I stated that I was educating on POPs exposure minimization and the heavy contamination that is harming the people of Akwesasne, he told me to stop.  I asked him to look at a pamphlet that Cancer Action NY uses to educate on these subjects and he refused in a very haughty way to even look at it.  He asked me if we could find a pleasant way to bring my dancing to an end.  I told him that I was going to keep on dancing.  He called the State Police.  The officers behaved as if they knew very little about freedom of speech and cared nothing about protecting the freedom of speech of a New York State resident.  After determining that I was not carrying any weapons and that I was a totally normal person, the officers tried to convince me to leave of my own volition.  I stated that I would leave if they charged me with trespass and gave me an appearance ticket.  The officer in charge offered to eject me from the fairgrounds and give me a statement indicating that it was upon order of the New York State Police that I was being ejected from the fairgrounds.  Rather than have to deal with a trespass charge in Syracuse City Court, I accepted this offer.

I am now forbidden from entering upon the fairgrounds until after the 2012 New York State Fair has ended.  I had planned to perform in the Talent Hunt so as to make use of that stage as a free speech venue.  I want to speak freely where children and adults can hear what I am saying.

This is all very bad behavior of adults, denying me my freedom of speech in places where children could learn how to avoid exposure to toxic, man-made chemicals that are know among scientists to cause serious damage to health at current levels of food supply contamination.  This is all very wrong.  American children deserve far better than being kept in the dark about food supply contamination by the adults who caused this problem.

I have made up my mind to bring a federal lawsuit against:  the Town of Parishville and Supervisor Jerry Moore, the New York State Police and Cornell University.  The courts are not places of justice, but litigation is a way of taking the high ground.

” Bad adults who care nothing about freedom of speech and have no awareness of the need to break free from the bad controlling influences of corporations that are imposed upon us by government are cheating me out of my freedom of speech.  I am determined to continue exercising my freedom of speech in a way that challenges the bad adults who are trying to control everyone.  The children are smart.  They can see through the efforts of the bad adults to cast me as a danger to children.  I care about children, all of the children, because they are innocent of the poisoning of the Earth and the resultant poisoning of all the people of the Earth.  I will be victorious in these matters, because I have acted in love and goodness.  The truth will eventually come out.  Viva the Revolution!  I am the Revolution!!”-Donald L. Hassig