The Occupy Movement presents an opportunity to work together for
changes that will reduce the power of corporations so as to stop these
entities from further harming the Earth.  There will be an activist
training event on the SUNY Potsdam College campus on Friday, April
13th at 2:00 PM.  The meeting will take place in the Fireside Lounge
of the Barrington Student Union.

During this meeting the question of what to do here in the North
Country will come up.  I am hopeful that a major portion of our Occupy
Movement energies will be directed at creating corporate
accountability for the use and disposal of PCBs in the St. Lawrence
River Valley (ALCOA West, the former Reynolds Metals facility and the
former GM Powertrain facility).  In order to create this focus people
will need to express an interest in such accountability.  Please
consider attending this event so as to voice solidarity on corporate
accountability for PCB use and disposal.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625