Media Advisory
For Immediate Release 3/31/12

Love the Earth/Protect the Earth/Hassig for Congress Campaign

Love the Earth/Protect the Earth/Hassig for Congress Campaign Event

Monday, April 2, 2012, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

SUNY Canton College, plaza at Student Activities Center (in case of
inclement weather the event will take place in the Activity Center
near the student mailroom), Canton, NY USA

Candidate Hassig will give a 15 minute speech sharing his vision for
action by residents of the St. Lawrence River Valley and Adirondack
Mountains to bring about the creation of a new federal government that
will exist solely for the purpose of benefiting the general public
rather than serving the interests of corporations.  The candidate will
be available to speak one on one with interested members of the public
and campus community.  This event will include a public forum during
which anyone who wants to speak out about issues involving the federal
government will be given the opportunity to do so.

Viva the Earth Mother Revolution!

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625