Green Party Candidate Hassig Calls for 21st CD Race Discussion of Much
Needed Actions by Congress

In these difficult times it is of critical importance that government
take actions that will improve the lives of all Americans.  There are
certain actions that Congress can take that would generate results
highly beneficial to the people of the mainstream.  These are what I
see as some of the most needed governmental actions:  (1) make
environmental protection the top priority in all governmental
activities; (2) create a prohibition against war; (3) control energy
prices so as to create fair access to energy consumption; (4) ban the
feeding of waste animal fat to food animals and establish a food
contaminants monitoring program designed to insure that accidental
contamination incidents do not lead to the poisoning of Americans; (5)
establish public educational outreach on the subject of pollutant
exposure minimization with an initial focus on persistent organic
pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization; (6) prohibit the involvement
of corporations in political campaigns and in community affairs; and
(7) establish a process for investigating allegations of unethical
behavior by members of government, establish a means whereby strong
penalties can be imposed upon those found to have acted in an
unethical manner and produce a readily accessible record of these
investigations and penalties.

As an initial step, the proposed actions need to be discussed in an
open public forum.  Congressional race discussions are a wonderful
vehicle for bringing about such discourse.  Resistance to change can
be overcome by people talking in public about the needed changes.  I
invite Democratic Congressman William Owens and Republican candidate
Matthew Doheny to discuss the matters listed above as well as any
other matters that they consider to be of equal significance to the
betterment of people’s lives.  I will make all arrangements for a
conference line so as to make possible our telephone discussion.  The
conference call will be open to the members of the news media and
interested residents of the 21st congressional district of New York.

I believe that the 2012 congressional race can be an avenue for
bringing new ways of living on the scene for all of us.  These are
exciting times of great challenges and great opportunities to move
higher on the path of human development.  I believe that positive
energy and love will create a whole new world in a relatively short
period of time.  We are about to experience a beautiful revolution.