There is a great change taking place in the minds and hearts of people everywhere.  During the course of the past few years the light of awareness of the need for people to think independently and critically on complex global issues and take action to create benefits for the common good has grown ever stronger.  In this beautiful, bright light there exists a wonderful power for bringing change.


In 1997, when I began seeking town government support for the creation of town and county bans on open waste burning, the vast majority of towns chose not to ban open burning.  The Town of Canton showed its desire to act upon scientific knowledge to protect public health and established a township wide ban.


Things are very different now.  Since 2009, Cancer Action NY has worked to bring about the creation of educational outreach programs within federal, state and county government public health entities on the subject of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization.  In the past several months numerous town boards have adopted resolutions designed to motivate the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department to begin educating county residents on the subject of POPs exposure minimization.  The town board members and the supervisors demonstrated a wonderful array of positive attributes as they moved forward with adopting these resolutions.  Concern for the suffering of family and community members afflicted with cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other POPs exposure associated diseases was widespread.  The town leaders showed a respect for and valuing of scientific knowledge.  There exists also among them the desire to do what is right.


The pace of change is increasing.  The desire for change that is good for the mainstream of humanity is intense.  I believe that we are standing on the edge of a new world in which scientific knowledge is used for the benefit of the masses and in which good intention will always prevail over bad intention.  This is a very exciting time to be alive.  We are most fortunate to be the people of this new age.