Dear St. Lawrence County Policy Makers,

Please find below links to articles that describe the bad behaviors of the food industry involving efforts to deny the public the benefits of a safety standard for dioxin exposure.  The American Farm Bureau and other food industry proponents are attempting to stop the US Environmental Protection Agency from finalizing the Agency’s dioxin reassessment.  The draft reassessment sets forth a reference dose that would serve to provide the public with a science based understanding of the magnitude of disease risk imposed by dioxin exposure at current levels of food supply contamination.  The reference dose constitutes a safety standard for dioxin exposure.  Average consumption of animal fats at current levels of food supply contamination results in exposure that exceeds the reference dose.  The food supply is not safe due to the presence of dioxins in animal fats.  The presence of total POPs in animal fats imposes additional disease risk on consumers.

Your efforts to create persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization educational outreach for St. Lawrence County residents are part of the world wide campaign to overcome the obstacles to public health protection that are raised by the food and chemical industries.  Dioxins are the most extensively studied sub-group of POPs.  Industry has sought to confuse the public about dioxin exposure disease risk ever since scientists first began to report health damages from dioxin exposure.

Please consider writing to President Obama expressing support for immediate finalization of the draft dioxin reassessment.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig

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