On Saturday, November 26, 2011, I participated in an Occupy Movement gathering in the Village of Potsdam, New York USA.  Approximately ten activists had joined together on a street corner in front of the United States Post Office.  Several signs portrayed perseverance in seeking an end to the wars of exploitation that our country has waged in the Middle East.  As the Director of Cancer Action NY, my three-fold display board presented two messages.  “When will government warn the public of carcinogenic contaminants in the US food supply”.  “Corporations must stop abusing our Earth Mother.”

Our small Occupy meet-up ended at noon.  Having been on the street for less than an hour, I was not at all satisfied with the extent to which I had demonstrated my determination to bring about fundamental changes in government.  The Post Office was right there. I walked into the building and took up a position in front of the service counter.  I stood in a place that was not obstructing the flow of those seeking to do business with the US Postal Service.  I held my three-fold display up in front of me and explained to the Postal Service employee at the counter my purpose in bringing my revolutionary messages inside.  She stated that I was not allowed to do this.  I explained that I had decided to engage in civil disobedience for the purpose of demonstrating determination to change government.  The supervisor of the Post Office employees was summoned.  I explained my purpose and went on to describe my belief that so long as I was not disrupting the work of the Postal Service I was free to make known my views inside the Post Office building.

The supervisor called the police.  I spoke with the two officers who responded in a good-hearted , straight forward and pleasant manner.  I could feel strong positive energy in our interaction.  I made clear the fact that I was willing to leave the building once I had been arrested.  The police decided to issue an appearance ticket on a trespass charge.  We parted company in good relationship.  I felt no negativity toward them and I do not believe that they felt any negativity toward me.  We shook hands at the end of the encounter.

This was the most positive experience that I have had thus far of civil disobedience.  I have learned to take charge of the action by explaining precisely what I am doing and why I am doing it.  I have learned to build positivity with those whom I encounter in the act of civil disobedience.  Providing a heart felt explanation of why I was choosing civil disobedience was key to creating the good vibe action.  I love learning how to be ever more beautiful and strong in days of revolution.  Viva the Love of the Earth Mother Revolution.  There is great joy in following the guiding of one’s heart.