Dear St. Lawrence County Policy Makers and Mindful Citizens,

Massena Town Supervisor Joseph Gray recently wrote a letter to the
North Country Now news organization in which he makes several libelous
statements about Cancer Action NY.  (See link to news article below.)
He states that I have deliberately misled him.  This is absurd.  I
made it very clear in my October 2011 presentation to the Massena Town
Board that persistent organic pollutants (POPs) exposure minimization
education was of particular importance to residents of the Town of
Massena because of the PCB exposure that they had received as a result
of living in the vicinity of the ALCOA West facility where PCBs were
disposed of in a careless manner for many years.  PCBs evaporate from
contaminated sediments and soils and enter the outdoor atmosphere.
The residents of the Town of Massena have inhaled ALCOA PCBs for a
long period of time.  This has imposed an unusually large quantity of
exposure upon these people.  POPs exposure minimization education is
very important to them because they are at higher risk of developing
POPs associated diseases including:  type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular
disease and cancer.

I suspect that ALCOA management has forced Supervisor Gray to attack
me so as to create confusion about the substantive matters of PCB
exposure and POPs exposure minimization education.  ALCOA is afraid of
the truth.  ALCOA wants to suppress the respiratory exposure to PCBs
issue so as to avoid being held responsible for much of the disease
burden suffered by the residents of the Town of Massena.

I brought a POPs exposure minimization resolution before the Massena
Town board many months ago as part of a campaign to obtain such
resolutions from local governments in St. Lawrence County pursuant to
motivating the St. Lawrence County Legislature to authorize the
creation of a POPs exposure minimization educational outreach program
within the St. Lawrence County Public Health Department.  The Massena
Town Board hesitated to adopt the resolution because they were
concerned about displeasing ALCOA.  After many town boards had adopted
POPs exposure minimization education resolutions, I decided to bring
the matter once more before the Massena Town Board.  Supervisor Gray
suggested that he would revise the resolution.  I agreed to this
because several towns had wanted to make small changes.  In October
2011 the Massena Town Board unanimously adopted the revised

I wrote and transmitted a news release on the subject of Massena Town
Board adoption of this resolution.  I used the news release to
emphasize the significance of past respiratory PCB exposures when
addressing lifelong cancer risk imposed by cumulative POPs exposures.
I said nothing in the news release that I had not said in the Massena
Town Board meeting at which the resolution was adopted.

Supervisor Gray states in his letter to North Country Now that the
resolution I brought to the Massena Town Board was unreasonable,
promoting the position that everything caused cancer.  This is false.
Supervisor Gray knows that it is false.  Joseph Gray has libeled me.
I am providing a copy of the original resolution submitted to the
Massena Town Board.  It is clear that Joseph Gray has spoken falsely
when one reads this resolution.  It does not say anything unreasonable
about POPs exposure cancer risk.  This unrevised resolution was
adopted by several town boards because it is a very good resolution.

ALCOA is using Supervisor Gray to attempt to derail the work of Cancer
Action NY.  The truth is coming out now.  ALCOA will learn that it
does not rule St. Lawrence County.  The people rule St. Lawrence

I demand an apology from Supervisor Gray and ALCOA.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig



WHEREAS, the incidence of cancer in Massena is of great concern to the
Town Board, and

WHEREAS, scientific research published in the peer-reviewed scientific
literature demonstrates the presence of dioxins and other carcinogenic
persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the food supply, and such food
supply contamination constitutes a major source of exposure, and is
thus a major contributor to cancer causation, and

WHEREAS, many citizens are unaware of the presence of carcinogenic
POPs in the food supply and steps that can be taken to decrease
exposure and thus lower cancer risk, and

WHEREAS, the problem is not isolated to Massena, but requires state
and national government actions to reduce exposure, and

WHEREAS, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are POPs, and animal
studies have shown that exposure to PBDEs imposes increased cancer
risk, and these chemical compounds are soluble in fat, and food sample
analysis has demonstrated that these pollutants contaminate all animal
fat, and education of the general public concerning the animal fat
consumption exposure route for these and other POPs, including:
dioxins, dioxin-like compounds, PCBs, and lipophilic pesticides is
necessary as a cancer preventative measure, and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board for the Town of
Massena, meeting on the date of                   , does hereby
commend the organization CANCER ACTION NY for its efforts to raise
awareness about the problem, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board calls upon its elected
officials at both state level and federal level to use their influence
to help educate Americans on the subject of the cancer risk imposed by
consumption of animal fat, all of which is contaminated with
carcinogenic POPs, and recommends that the educational outreach
described herein be configured such that:  (1) the National Institute
of Environmental Health Sciences is made responsible for review of the
scientific literature for the purpose of finding scientific knowledge
that can be utilized in the creation of cancer prevention messages for
the general public; (2) the National Institute of Environmental Health
Sciences is made responsible for producing public education pieces
that clearly set forth the cancer prevention knowledge discovered in
the literature review; and (3) the State and County health departments
are made responsible for disseminating the public education pieces to
the residents of their jurisdictional areas, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Town Board encourages its citizens to
be mindful of the dangers of carcinogenic substances in our
environment and supports initiatives that will promote the health and
happiness of its constituents.


Massena supervisor says town duped by local cancer activist


Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625