Dear Chief Polniak,

We will force them to shut down by inspiring the people of the region
to join together in non-violent activities focused upon bringing about
the shut down of the Hoosier facility.  Cancer Action NY is moving
forward with establishing a new paradigm in public health protection
for St. Lawrence County.  This paradigm is simple and straightforward.
It has three parts:  (1) minimize the carcinogenic pollutant
exposures that people are receiving everywhere that epidemic levels of
cancer incidence exist; (2) eliminate all unnecessary exposures to
pollutant carcinogens; and (3) eliminate all unnecessary exposure to
unknown quantities of unknown chemical substances.

In October of 2001, Cancer Action NY complained to the New York State
Department of Environmental Conservation regarding Hoosier emissions
to the outdoor atmosphere.  To the best of my knowledge the Hoosier
facility continues to emit significant and unacceptable quantities of
fine particulate matter that is created in a complex and unstudied
process, which is likely to produce dioxins and dioxin-like compounds.
Government has failed to determine the composition of Hoosier
emissions despite having been contacted long ago by our organization
concerning the dioxin production issue.

Hoosier emits to the outdoor atmosphere unknown quantities of unknown
chemical substances.  The products that Hoosier manufactures are not
essential to human well being.  In the midst of a cancer epidemic in
St. Lawrence County the only reasonable course of action is forced
shut down of the Hoosier Magnetics, Inc. facility.

Thank you for your interest in this matter.

joyous in Nature,

Donald L. Hassig