St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire has given a
deposition to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department in which
she alleges that I have done a considerable number of unlawful and
crazy things.  I am shocked at what a bad-spirited, deceitful and just
plain evil person the County Administrator has shown herself to be.

On October 13, 2011, I began a dialogue with County Administrator St.
Hilaire on the subject of chemical exposure and breast cancer risk and
I chose to pursue that dialogue beyond the stage of her rude and
disrespectful attempt to end that dialogue.  She told me that she
would not “debate this” matter with me.  She turned her back on me.  I
followed her into the Office of the Clerk of the St. Lawrence County
Legislature.  I told her that I wanted to continue the dialogue that I
had started in the hallway.  She told me to get out.  I said no.  I
pointed to a small table and stated, “If I was Jesus, I would pick up
that table and throw it through the window to wake you up.  Jesus
turned the money changers tables upside down in the Temple to
demonstrate his strong disapproval of their bad behaviors.”  She
retorted that I certainly was not anything like Jesus.

This bad-spirited, power-hungry woman twisted my words in her
deposition.  She states that, “He has gotten progressively more angry
and aggressive in the past few weeks saying he is Jesus and Martin
Luther King and that he is going to “step up the revolution”.  Today
he insisted he was Jesus.”  This is a ridiculous lie.  I have never
said that I am Jesus or Martin Luther King because I like being Donald
L. Hassig.  I like being an environmental activist.  The County                                                                                                          Administrator dislikes me because I am a beautiful, brilliant protector                                                                                                                    of the Earth Mother.  The majority of the members of the St. Lawrence                                                                                                                     County Legislature dislike me for the same reason.  I feel a strong dislike                                                                                                               for these bad people.
I am determined to continue forging ahead with the use of scientific
knowledge on the subjects of chemical exposure and cancer causation to
protect the people of the St. Lawrence River Valley and Adirondack
Mountains from the cancer risk imposed by the contamination of the
food supply with persistent organic pollutants.  This is the good work
of a strong environmental activist.  On October 13, 2011, I chose to
pursue the chemical exposure cancer hazard dialogue with a bad
government person who wants to avoid the whole matter of government’s
role in the poisoning of our Earth with thousands of man-made
chemicals.  Government failed to control the corporations and in so
doing, allowed them to do this awful thing.  This happened because the
federal, state and county governments of the United States are full of
people who love money and social status more than the Earth and the
people of the Earth.  I chose to pursue dialogue with the haughty
queen of St. Lawrence County beyond the point where she wanted the
dialogue to end because it was the right thing to do.

I expected that armed officers of the government would eventually
force me to stop speaking my critical words to her.  I was stopped by
these officers.  They abused my rights as an American citizen by
stopping me from speaking true words of criticism in exercise of my
freedom of speech and using physical force in arresting me.  New York
State Court Security Officer Cassidy Mock pushed me out of the Clerk’s
Office, pushed me down the main hallway of the courthouse, and pushed
me down on a bench.  I said “Fuck you” to him.  Then I pointed my
finger at him and stated that he was part
of the problem of government abuse of the people.  He told me to stop
pointing at him.  I did not stop.  He threw me on the floor of my
courthouse and put his foot or knee in the middle of my back and
cuffed me far tighter than any reasonable human being would
handcuff another person.  Under Sheriff Scott Bono assisted him with
the hand cuffing.  I
did not resist these armed officers in any physical way.  Officer Mock
has given a deposition stating that I resisted arrest.  This is
absurd.  Officer Mock grabbed my arm, twisted it behind my back and
threw me on my face on the floor so quick it was all done in a flash.
I didn’t even have time to think about resisting.  This is bullshit.

I am considering filing a civil rights violation suit against the
County Administrator and Officer Mock.  This is a good time to bring
such an action.  As the revolution unfolds, the courts may become
places of justice for the people.  I believe that this a very special
time in the evolution of mankind.  The good people are going to win
this time.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625