To All Those Concerned About the Failures of Government to Take Action
to Protect the Public from Harmful Chemical Exposures,

I am an American citizen.  I am a free man.  I will not accept the
abuse that I received at the hands of armed police officers in the
county where I went to school, farmed and work as a cancer prevention
advocate and educator.  I was thrown on the floor and held in
handcuffs for over 4 hours before finally being released after an
arraignment in Canton Village Court.  All of this was done to me
because I refused to stop talking to St. Lawrence County Administrator
Karen St. Hilaire when she told me that she was not willing to debate
the subject of chemical exposure breast cancer risk.

Please see below an account of what I consider to be absolutely outrageous.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig

10/14/11 Statement of Cancer Action NY Director Donald L. Hassig
Concerning Unlawful Actions of St. Lawrence County and New York State
Law Enforcement Personnel in Responding to a Complaint from St.
Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire Arising from the
Refusal of Donald L. Hassig to Stop Talking to Her About
Corporate-Government Culture Deceptions on the Subject of Breast
Cancer Risk

On October 13, 2011, I entered the St. Lawrence County Courthouse at
approximately 12:10 PM.  I proceeded to the main hallway outside the
Office of the Clerk of the St. Lawrence County Legislature where I
planned to conduct a news conference setting before the public the
Cancer Action NY position that the New York State Department of
Health’s (DOH) Cancer Services Program (CSP) was providing misleading
information to the residents of New York State.  In the next five
paragraphs we set forth our conclusions concerning these public health

The DOH established the CSP to promulgate the corporate position on
cancer.  County public health departments throughout New York State
conduct local educational outreach in partnership with the DOH CSP.
The corporations want people to believe that chemicals do not cause a
significant quantity of cancer.  They want people to believe that
there is no scientific evidence supporting the conclusion that
chemical exposure at background levels of exposure causes significant
quantities of cancer.  The corporations use government to spread their
false messages.  The CSP spreads these false messages.

The corporations are liars.  The scientific literature contains
thousands of research articles describing  the role of chemicals in
cancer causation.  The corporations do not care about the harm that
they cause to people.  They are blind with greed.  Their power over
government must be broken.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in America.  The idea of
Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink ribbons came from the
corporations.  They seek to spread the view that breast cancer is not
caused by exposure to chemicals.  The corporate message public
educational materials utilized by the CSP only address lifestyle
factors.  These materials set forth the following recommendations for
reducing breast cancer risk:  eat fruit and vegetables, maintain a
healthy body weight, limit alcohol intake and exercise regularly.
There is nothing in the corporate breast cancer awareness educational
materials about chemicals that impose breast cancer risk.  The CSP
educational materials focus extensively on screening and early
detection.  This is not the proper focus for public health education
on breast cancer.  Focus should be on minimization of exposure to
breast carcinogens.

The corporations want to control the people’s thinking about breast
cancer so that they can continue to use chemicals in a careless way.
The corporations believe that it is not possible  to make large
amounts of money without using chemicals carelessly.  They omit from
their educational materials all information about the chemicals known
to impose increased breast cancer risk.  These carcinogenic substances
include:  polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), cadmium, dioxins,
DDT and radioactive nuclides such as tritium.

We say “Viva the Revolution” to the corporations and the bad
government that has worked hand in hand with them to deceive the
public about the role of chemicals in cancer causation.  American
girls get breast cancer now.  This is an outrage.  If government had
acted upon its responsibility to warn the public of avoidable disease
hazards, our society would not have failed to bring the corporations
under control decades ago when the Nixon Administration declared the
War on Cancer in 1971 with passage of the National Cancer Act.  The
cancer epidemic in America has been caused by the corporations and
their bad government allies.  They caused this awful harm to the
public health by suppressing scientific knowledge on the role of
chemicals in cancer causation.  American girls would never have
developed breast cancer if corporations and bad government had not
done this.  Enough Already!  Viva the Revolution!

Upon arriving in the main hallway of the courthouse at approximately
12:15 PM, I observed that no members of the news media had chosen to
participate in our news conference.  This has long been the practice
of the members of the news media in St. Lawrence County following the
events that took place involving the opposition that Cancer Action NY
mounted against the proposal to construct and operated an oriented
strand board facility in the St. Lawrence River Valley in the Town of
Lisbon.  In succeeding to derail this proposal, Cancer Action NY
became the object of much ridicule and abuse, resulting in the
eventual shunning of our organization by many people with money and
power.  The news media followed these people’s example and decided to
deny us any coverage.

I began to dance for environmental revolution in the main hallway of
the courthouse.  After dancing only a short time, I observed that St.
Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire had stepped into the
hallway outside the Office of the Clerk of the St. Lawrence County
Legislature.  I approached Ms. St. Hilaire and commenced a
conversation with her by requesting that she give me an invitation to
attend the annual meeting of the CSP, which was about to take place
later that day.  I had already requested permission to attend from the
St. Lawrence County Public Health Department .  I had requested that
my legislator, Scott Sutherland seek to obtain an invitation for me to
attend.  The County Administrator refused to give me an invitation to
attend.  I stated that I wanted to talk with her about the
misinformation that the CSP was setting before the public.  Ms. St.
Hilaire responded by suggesting that I was being unfair considering
the fact that I was allowed to present information about chemical
carcinogens on bulletin boards and at information tables on county
property, including the courthouse and the Human Services Building.  I
replied that this was not a matter of freedom of speech as she sought
to cast it.  I stated that the Cancer Action NY educational materials
presented the truth and that the CSP materials provided falsehoods by
omitting all information on pollutant carcinogens.  Ms. St. Hilaire
then stated that she was not going to debate this with me.  I stated
that I wished to continue talking to her about this critical public
health matter.  She walked away from me, entering into the Office of
the Clerk of the Legislature.  I followed her into this large room,
occupied by two secretaries.  I attempted to continue my dialogue with
the county administrator.  She began demanding that I leave.  During
all contact with County Administrator St. Hilaire, I spoke in a calm
and reasonable  manner.  I raised my voice only a few times when she
attempted to dismiss me with her bad intentioned comments.  One of the
secretaries summoned law enforcement personnel upon being directed to
do so by County Administrator St. Hilaire.

I was approached by one Cassidy Mock, a security officer of the New
York State Unified Court System.  Officer Mock demanded that I leave
the office.  I refused.  He repeated his demand and upon my refusal,
he grabbed my shoulder stepped behind me and pushed me out into the
hallway.  He pushed me down the hallway to a bench and ordered me to
sit.  I stated that I would not sit.  He pushed me down onto the
bench.  I believe that I said “Fuck You” to Officer Cassidy after
having received this rough treatment for doing nothing rough myself.
I pointed my index finger up at Office Cassidy and stated that he was
part of the corporate-government culture that was causing girls to get
breast cancer in the United States.  I believe that my words were such
or something close to this concerning corporate-government culture
deceptions relating to breast cancer.  Officer Mock demanded that I
not point at him.  I said “Fuck You” and continued to point up at him.
He then grabbed my left arm, twisted it behind my back, threw me on
the floor, put his knee or his foot in the middle of my back and
cuffed me.  Under Sheriff Bono assisted with the use of handcuffs and
getting me to my feet and placing me in a sitting position on the

I was soon escorted by Under Sheriff Bono and a deputy sheriff out of
the courthouse and across the street to the St. Lawrence County Public
Safety Building where I was forced to remain in a small holding room
chained to the wall with a short piece of chain and two sets of hand
cuffs.  I remained chained there for approximately three hours.

At no time during the foregoing series of events did I in any way make
any physical effort to resist the physical acts of the law enforcement
personnel.  The physical act of pointing my finger up at Officer Mock
was not an act of physical resistance to his actions.  It was a
demonstration of my determination to hold the corporate-government
culture accountable for its deceptions and its abuses.

Officer Mock and Under Sheriff Bono have stated in sworn statements
that I resisted arrest.  I did not even think about resisting arrest.
I did not resist arrest.  I was willing to be arrested for the purpose
of demonstrating my determination to confront the corporate
-government culture upon its deceptions and abuses involving cancer
and cancer education.  I chose civil disobedience.  I chose to allow
the law enforcement personnel to arrest me.  Officer Mock and Under
Sheriff Bono have committed perjury.  County Administrator St. Hilaire
has also committed perjury.  These people should be removed from
their positions in St. Lawrence County and New York State government.

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625