Dear Inhabitants of the St. Lawrence River Valley,

The members of our organization are in agreement upon the following
points: (1) corporations dominate our society; (2) corporations have
corrupted governments at the national, state and county levels to the
extent that these governments serve mainly to create the illusion that
corporations are being controlled by government regulators who are
making wise decisions about protecting the environment and the public health; (3) environmental quality and public health have gradually deteriorated as the corporations have continued their dominance; (4) we live in a time when damage to environment and public health has accumulated so as to become far greater than what is acceptable; and (5) the only sound course of action is revolution.

We have decided how we will conduct this revolution. There will be
three major stages. Stage 1 is commenced by demanding that the
corporations admit to having poisoned the people in the region where
they release pollutants to the outdoor atmosphere and discharge waste water to public waters. Stage 2 is commenced by demanding that the corporations shut down after refusing to admit to poisoning the people. Stage 3 begins when the people warn the corporations that because they have not taken the actions demanded in the previous stages of revolution they will be forced to shut down.

On the date of this letter, I contacted Hoosier Magnetics, Inc.
located in the City of Ogdensburg and ALCOA, Inc. located in the
Village of Massena and made know to an employee of each facility the demand that these factories admit to having poisoned the people of their respective areas. In the case of Hoosier Magnetics, Inc., I
stated that the corporation must admit to having poisoned the people
with strontium, which is emitted as a fine particulate by that facility. In the case of ALCOA, Inc., I stated that the corporation must admit to having poisoned the people with PCBs, which were disposed of in large quantities on the ALCOA site during the course of many past decades and left uncovered resulting in evaporation and migration through the outdoor air supply. ALCOA also discharged waste
water contaminated with PCBs into the Grass and St. Lawrence Rivers.

I carefully explained the three stages of our environmental revolution
to the factory employees. I made clear the intention of our
organization to conduct a non-violent revolution. I made very clear
the determination of our organization to succeed in bringing about the
shut down of these factories if they did not cooperate with our demands.

We have contacted local law enforcement agencies and provided them with a detailed explanation of our plans for creating an environmental revolution in St. Lawrence County so as to be fully transparent in our revolutionary endeavors.

joyous in Nature-Viva the Revolution,

Donald L. Hassig

Donald L. Hassig, Director
Cancer Action NY
Cancer Action News Network
P O Box 340
Colton, NY USA 13625