On August 27, 2011, a new source of information and a new way of meeting those who are of the political left began to take shape. Dr. Ali Zaidi, Professor of Humanities at SUNY Canton College and Donald L. Hassig, Director of Cancer Action NY and Love Enough Revolution Party candidate in the 2012, 23rd Congressional District of New York race met and discussed strategies for human progress during an open microphone/campaign hybrid event in the Village of Potsdam’s Ives Park. The Northern New York LeftNews was established on the internet the next day and here is the first post.

Northern New York LeftNews is the offspring of tumultuous times. During these days of global climate change, poisoned bodies cancer epidemic, nearly exhausted easily accessed energy sources, corporate greed, many unjust wars and widespread suffering from emotional depression we must reach toward beginning anew. A revolution needs a voice. Northern New York LeftNews is that voice. The voice of the wonderful revolution that brings an end to corporate control of America is a voice that is good, strong and courageous.

The political left has several attributes that make it the best hope for good revolution: determination to live by ethical standards, determination to share resources in an equitable manner, determination to bring an end to the corporate destruction of the Earth and determination to bring an end to the unjust wars of American greed for power, wealth and oil. Northern New York State is a likely place for revolution to develop. The St. Lawrence River Valley is one of the largest heavily contaminated regions on the globe. Beluga whale living in the Gulf of St. Lawrence are so burdened with persistent organic pollutants (POPs), including: dioxins, PCBs, Toxaphene, Mirex, DDT, DDE, hexachlorobenzene, hexachlorocyclohexane and brominated flame retardants that they meet the criteria for being classified as hazardous waste. The northern New York counties of Oswego, Lewis, Jefferson, St. Lawrence, Franklin, and Clinton all experience cancer incidence at levels above the New York State average. The people of northern New York have been excessively poisoned by the corporate polluters of the MIdwest and the Great Lakes region.

The people are well aware of the poison imposed cancer epidemic that has engulfed them. There is a building unrest here. People of the poisoned St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario are talking about corporate liability for their suffering.

Northern New York LeftNews is a nexus for creating change. Those who read it and contribute to it are new American revolutionaries. We will share our ideas, our knowledge and our passion for living free of the destructive influences of bad corporate elitists and bad politicians who seek to create the illusion that the corporations are not harming lower and middle class Americans.

Viva the Love Enough Revolution. We want to have a revolution right now because it is time for great change. We want to have a peaceful, civil disobedient, marching in the streets revolution that removes the bad corporate and bad government people from positions of power. This is the right thing to do because leaving the bad people in power will allow the corporate-government culture to continue to wreak havoc upon the Earth Mother. As thinking, caring, loving individuals it is our responsibility to demand that the people who follow the path of mindless accumulation of wealth and social status with no consideration of the harm that their greed does to the Earth step down. It is the responsibility of the good people to replace the bad ones. People are good enough to do this. People are strong enough to do this. People are courageous enough to do this. People are wise enough to do this now. Waiting will only make things worse.  Viva the Love Enough Revolution!